Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ahhh, The Boys Of Summer

Here's something you probably don't know about me, I love baseball! I mean, I really love baseball. Unfortunately, growing up in Arkansas, we did not have a pro-baseball team; but, what we did have was the farm team for the St. Louis Cardinals, the Arkansas Travelers, named for the state's official song. Funny, when the organ master would play this song, no one knew the words. 

As an adult, I was living in Little Rock where the Travelers' home games were held. I'd head to the games with visions of hot dogs, beer and peanuts in my head and a lot of enthusiasm. After attending just a few games, I became an official member of the "Bleacher Bums". We sat between 3rd base and home plate and would heckle the opposing team, stomp our feet on the metal bleachers and yell obscenities at the Traveler's manager. (Trust me, those obscenities were truly warranted.) Once, a couple of our members were even ejected from the game. Why? For having a good time, that's why.

Then, I moved to Arizona.  At that time, there was no pro baseball; however, living just a couple of blocks from the ballpark, I had access to the Tucson Toros. A triple-A minor league team associated with the Houston Astros, the Toros had me in their bleachers at most home games stomping in time with the music of the organ. During the 7th inning stretch, there was always entertainment on the field. Captain Dynamite was a local favorite; he would actually throw his body over a box of TNT. Of course, the crowd went wild as the silver-lammed figure went flying through the air.

Finally, after living in Phoenix 5 years or so, we were awarded a major league franchise, the Arizona Diamondbacks. To win the World Series in just their second year was quite a feat. I don't get to these games as often as I'd like; quite frankly, it's not as fun and the cost of watching the boys of summer play has become astronomical. Truthfully, I yearn for the good 'ol days of a minor league game and Captain Dynamite.

Take a good look at the short video below.  Now, watch carefully.  Is that legal?



  1. I too love baseball. Played it all the time growing, watched the Jays whenever I could. In fact, I went to the first World Series game in Canada. I still play today. Albiet in a beer league. Now I need to learn how to throw that pitch.

  2. oh i love a baseball on a warm summer day

  3. Minor league baseball is, in a lot of ways, more fun to attend than the Majors. We have the High Desert Mavericks (Class A California League) and htose games area a blast.

    And Luis Gonzalez and his cheap little broken bat single can kiss my ass.

  4. good clip
    Baseball in Chicagoland is easy to find and enjoy. I've been to major and minor league games. The minor league games definitely try to entertain the crowd.

    At a major game (White Sox mostly but I'll go to a Cubs game too) I like to remind those with me that we are watching mostly millionaires play in the grass.

  5. hey Mimi! :-)

    good read today, read it through with interest, and was touched. thanks.

    the video? *sheesh* :=0 what the hey wuz dat? too funny.

    good post,
    c'ya soon


  6. That pitch may be a balk. Not sure if it's legal.
    I'm with Chris on that tainted World Series win. A rain storm, in an indoor stadium, in the desert?

  7. @ freetheunicorns - Hey, when you've perfected that pitch, let me know how the opposing team reacts.

    @ Nooter - I'm not surprised. I bet you really get a lot of chew out of it.

    @ Chris - AMEN!!!

    @ lisleman - I have a friend that is a died-in-the-wool Cubbies fan. He and I really get into some heated discussions. We even kick sand at one another.

    @ bARE-eYED-sUN - Awww, thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Are you a Yank's fan?

    @ Da Old Man - No shit!!!

    @ myundiary - Great to see you here again. Have a great summer!

  8. I Love baseball as well. I live in between Boston and New York. I refuse to go to a pro game. The prices are ridiculous. But the fans pay so the prices go up.
    I'll stick to the farm teams.


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