Thursday, July 2, 2009

Drew Carey, He Does It For Me!

As if Drew Carey's show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, wasn't funny enough, here is a clip that was considered by the producers as unfit for television.

I'm dying......

still laughing......



  1. You are so right there Me-Me. Thanks for sharing.

    Joel F., member
    The Impartial Panel of Three

  2. Speaking of two stools. That Ryan is funny.

  3. thank you for making my day! that is one of my favoritest shows!

  4. Oh, man, I've been to two tapings of Whose Line and you are so right . . . the funniest stuff is NOT what you see on the air. They even used my suggestion for "Three Headed Broadway Star".

    Good times.

  5. I really needed that laugh...

  6. OMG!!! That was one of my all time favorite shows!! Thanks for the re-visit!! I discovered the Canadian version a coupla years before America took it on.. and OMG, it was the funniest stuff I'd ever seen..... Ryan and Colin are holdovers from the original... along with a few others... thanks for the LOL... Why did that show ever go off anyway? It was funny.......!!!!

  7. I love Drew Carey! I used to come home from clubbing in my 20's keep drinking and watch Whose Line. Remember the song he had for one of the intros to his sitcom 5 oclock world? It's awesome the whole cast must have trained for weeks to get those coreographed steps just right - its on you tube if your interested

    Oh yeah, one of his best lines - when Mimi dumps a cup of water on him
    He says "oh, i see you've finally cleared your blow hole"

    I loved the clip thanks!!

  8. This is my favoritest show ever. I thought I had seen ALL of the bloopers. I LMAO the entire time. Thanks for posting it and have a safe $th!

  9. OMG - that killed me! I used to watch the original when it was on, too - I so admire their talent. I even did the improv thing for a couple of years myself. It was so scary and hard! (That's what she said).

  10. Still laughing, ahhhhh...I needed that thank you. I love me some Drew!


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