Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

Holy moly! I do believe it's time to build a really big boat and gather all the animals two-by-two, except for the snakes. It's pouring rain here in the desert. It began raining just after mid-night and will continue today until we hit the 2 inch mark. And that's not all, we are also under a high wind warning with wind speeds of 65 mph expected. Whoa!

The one prediction you can count on out here when we get this much rain is the featured story during the 6 o'clock news. There is always that one idiot who feels they can cross a flooded 4' wash. Man, I just love watching a good rescue, helicopters and all.

Don't worry, Quirky, I'll bring the boat around for you and your quirky family.

Yesterday, when I was out making the rounds, The Peach Tart and In Jayne's World asked their readers to vote for them in a "Best of Blogs" over at Studio 30 Plus. So, I went over to do my part and, lo and behold, I discovered The Screaming Me-Me!!! had been nominated for Best Blog Design/Layout. I would really appreciate if you would pop over today and vote, it only takes a minute to sign up.

Also nominated are some of my readers who stop by here regularly:
  • Indigo Wrath
  • moooooog's Mental Poo
  • The Soggy Doggy
  • The Offended Blogger
  • Musings of a QuirkyLoon
  • The Hussy Housewife
  • In Jayne's World
  • The Peach Tart
  • Wizard of Otin
  • The Screaming Me-Me!!!
We would all really appreciate your vote - now, go here and get 'er done!

And, as a reminder, Caption This! No. 28 is still open. Be sure to pop on over and enter your caption for this week's photo. If nothing else, you will die laughing reading those captions which have already been submitted. Go here.

Well, this is it for now. I've got to go and empty the buckets!




    And congrats to you Ms. MeMe!

    Still keeping afloat here in Mesa, or at least trying.

  2. So far we are not floating away in Tucson. But it feels weird to not see the sun out in the morning. We get the same dumb*** that tries to cross a wash every storm.

    I will go and vote now!

  3. Wow, you're over 30? (hee, hee)

    Oh, and congratulations.

  4. @ Quirky - Yeah, I about fell over when I saw my name on the list. I'm unsure how these nominations came about.

    Anyway - stay dry!

    @ Christiejolu - My first rescue experience was when I lived in Tucson. You would think these people would have learned by now - don't enter the washes.

    Thank you for voting!

    @ Dufus - Smart ass! Did you vote?

  5. Best blog layout ever... I said it before and I'll say it again! Love it!

  6. I voted for all of you, but I wasn't nominated for anything...wah wah wah.

  7. @ Cat Lady - Thank you so much, I knew I could count on you!

    @ Lee - C'mon now, you are already a winner. Look at the number of comments you get each and every day. Compare that to how few I get, you're the champ!

    Thank you for voting!

  8. Is there an awards ceremony? A red carpet? Will there be paparazzi? Hope it doesn't rain. That really fucks with my coif.

  9. Ok, ok - I'll go vote! Sheesh - you're SUCH a woman! (wink)

    The Old Silly

  10. I hear ya on the storm situation. It's been a veritable monsoon here in So Cal. We've had everything from thunder and lightning to streets and houses flooding and even a tornado! And of course people in Southern California have absolutely NO idea how to drive in the rain. They're either going 75 or 25 MPH. Idiots.

    Ok, I gotta go vote ;-)

  11. Wow! Sorry about your water issue. It's too bad you can't effectively save it for the summer.

    I've got some swimming videos I could loan you.

    Congrats on the nomination. I will go vote!

  12. Yea today it's like the sky is falling!!! Things keep hitting the house, wow. Because of an accident on the 8 Hubby got to stay home zero visability! Just stay home!! That road is notorious for accidents when we have these dust storms, but people keep on driving it....

  13. Why is it that some people think they can drive through

    I'll go vote for you

  14. Congrats! It really is a great design. Thanks for stopping over.

  15. Congrats!! It is cold and has rained all day here!!

  16. As soon as I'm done commenting, I'll head on over to vote for your blog, as well as the others. Your design really is terrific. Did you design it yourself or have a web designer do it?

    Now back to the rain issue and the sponge headed people that have a spatial relation problem when it comes to figuring out the height to depth ratio between a six foot wall of water and a Ford Neon. Their cars should be impounded and their sponge heads squeezed dry. This is obviously a case of having too much water on the brain.

  17. The news on the local channel showed a major highway in Los Angeles. People were driving with their wheels completely in water. They showed a shot from above angle. What you're describing in your area sounds like what kind of rainfall they've been getting hit with. I hope that isn't coming your way.

  18. Oh My! Stay safe Margo. Now I gotta run over and vote, enter my caption for this week...

    Man you sure do keep us hopping. You're wearing me out. :)

  19. Well, congrats you got nominated. Time for me to head up and vote...
    All the besttttttt
    Have a good day..:)

  20. I was going to start an 'over 40' blog group but apparently I'm the only one who's not dead.

  21. Ok, I voted. That's pretty fun, how exciting.
    Well, I'm certainly over 30....well over!
    Keep the boat handy.

  22. Had to comment on the title of your post. My screen name everywhere is ahardrain. I always get asked why or how I came upon it. I should make up a good story for it, but the fact is back in the olden days when AOL was the internet and it asked for my screen name I was reading an article in a magazine talking about how hard the rain had been falling, hence the name. I have since been told it is the name of a song that Bob Dylan wrote, a name of a movie, maybe two (neither were any good).

    Anyway I am on my way over to vote for a blog, hmm I wonder whose? And I see you are still getting tons of great comments, sans Entrecard. Now you have that extra time to go bail out water, have fun.


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