Friday, January 8, 2010

Loose Change

You know how it is, during our day-to-day lives, we are constantly collecting data. Every now and then when I find something kindda cool, I write it down on a piece of, god only knows what, scratch paper and then throw it in the center drawer after it sits on top of my desk for 2-3 days. So, at least every 4 maybe 5 or 6 months, I get motivated and clean out the drawer.

Today is the day! 2 pairs of glasses, business cards, CDs, loose change.....well, I've got my trash can ready and the rest of the day.

Piles. I make lots of piles. Let's see, there's the interesting facts pile, the "To Do" list pile (*snort*, yeah right) and the "WTF?" pile. WTF? is the largest.

Louie, Louie

Then I find the occasional grocery list. The fact that I even make a grocery list is laughable. Anyway, what trip was I on when I wrote down these four items: Avocado, duct tape, extension cord and a plastic comb? Am I going to cook? Or am I making a bomb?

Oh, there's the AA battery pile. So far the count is five, the sixth one is bound to turn up. Don't they usually work in pairs? Now, I have to test each one. Any bets on whether or not any of them work? Hell, I'll even put 5-bucks on that.

St. Patrick was not Irish.

I need a shoebox lid to keep my pens, pencils and other accoutrement necessary to make my life more simple when I'm in desk world. Can I get a show of hands? How many of you have a pair of tweezers at your desk? You wouldn't believe the number of uses this tool has, it's amazing. I highly recommend you get a pair.

Stephan Wright
Is it weird in here, or is it just me?


  1. I find tweezers good for picking out the food particles that drop into my keyboard. It's always nice to have a snack handy...

  2. I so relate with the double A batteries! It's always a gas to find out which ones aren't working then we try, try again!

  3. I don't know how many times I've opened the junk drawer, mumbled to myself that I really should clean it out and then quietly close the drawer while muttering, "maybe tomorrow."

  4. The last time I cleaned the junk drawers I couldn't find anything for weeks. Actually, I'm still finding stuff I organized in those drawers.

    Tweezers are amazing.

  5. If I cleaned out all the junk drawers I'm afraid I wouldn't have anything left. And I'm afraid I don't have that much free time in my life!

  6. Oh man, I can never find a pen in the junk drawer. But I can find nail clippers, Take-Out menus, change, sanding block(?), Canadian Tire money, paint samples, birthday candles... woah, woah, woah...TMI!

  7. This is getting weird. I posted the same thing today, right down to the batteries.

  8. You mean you're supposed to clean that drawer out? I thought you just kept jamming crap in until the drawer won't open anymore... which means it's time to go out and buy a new desk.

  9. I don't have a pair of tweezers at my desk. In fact, I don't think I own a pair. I do keep a box cutter, knife and ice pick nearby. Not sure what's that about...

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  11. (previous post deleted for a frigging typo, but that's because you made me feel bad. Because as CatLadyLarew mentioned, some of us didn't realize we were supposed to do bi-annual drawer cleansing.) Seriously: every 6 months? Is this a rule? Are you a neat-freak? Do you open doorknobs with your sleeve and have a mini hand-sanitizer on your keychain? Because I'm feeling kinda judged here for having 5 years worth of post-its and bank machine receipts with my kid's milestones written in eye-liner jammed into a drawer instead of calligraphied into a baby book. And for having six junk drawers (not to mention a junk car.)

    Not that you've hit upon a sore subject or anything.

  12. My junk drawer is so full I can't get it open to clean it. I have no idea what's in there but I'm very, very frightened.


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