Monday, January 4, 2010

Me-Me's Neighborhood No. 1

The new year brings a new feature to The Screaming Me-Me, Me-Me's Neighborhood.

Think of it as a neighborhood party. You know most everyone, but there are still a few neighbors you haven't had the pleasure of meeting just yet. Who knows, you might be surprised by the common interest you share plus it's always nice to make new friends. All I ask is that you welcome them to the neighborhood by visiting and leaving a little note to let them know you stopped by.

Ohhhhh, who are the people in your neighborhood?

To kick things off, I'd would like to introduce you to dufusdownbeat. I know what you're thinking , "But we already know Dufus". Well, you may know nonamedufus of Humor Bloggers Dot Com fame, but you may not be aware of one of his other two blogs, dufusdownbeat.

dufusdownbeat is a blog dedicated to rock 'n roll music. His knowledge is vast when it comes to the music of eras gone by. Let me tell you, if there were ever a Rock 'n Roll Jeopardy, Dufus would definitely take the championship title. Plus, he always provides a video of his featured artist. I find it's a nice break in the day to stop, listen and reminisce.

"Tune in, turn on.....Our goal here is to enjoy rediscovering some great music from days gone by while learning a little about the artists - perhaps some trivia or little known fact. Weekends are usually reserved for odd or offbeat tunes and performances." ---dufusdownbeat

If you are a child of the 60's or 70's or if you just love rock 'n roll music, this is a blog for you. dufusdownbeat has started the new year in a new home. So, be sure to take a good look around while you are there. Oh, and don't forget to say, "howdy"!


  1. Love that you are giving us new blogs...don't know whether to thank you or bitch slap you!

  2. Ah yes the rock-n-roll blog. Me likey.

    Been there, following that. He is one heckuva rocker dude, ain't he!



  3. @ Lee - LOL!

    @ Quirky - Yep, he's one rockin' dude. Have you seen his new digs?

  4. OK a rock blog, hell yeah! I will check it out!

    I have an award for you!

  5. Hey I know that guy! Imagine my surprise when I stopped by today and discovered...ME! Thanks, Me-Me. That was most gracious of you. You're one cool lady. Even if you play Guitar Hero like Duane Allman.

  6. @ Christiejolu - I'm sure you will enjoy this one. Maybe we can persuade Dufus to include Alice in Chains one day real soon.

    Thank you for the award!

    @ Dufus - It's definitely my pleasure. I thought I knew a lot about rock history until I began reading dufusdownbeat, you are full of it - of rock facts that is.

    Duane Allman lives!!!

  7. What a great idea! This is a fun neighborhood.

  8. Cool idea Me-Me. I'll stop in as soon as I leave here. Um do I have to take cookies or something with me? :)

  9. That's a nice blog. I'm glad he's in the neighborhood!

  10. @ Buggys - You're right, it is a fun neighborhood!

    @ Ann - That's a really nice thought, Ann, but it's not necessary. Thanks for visiting.

    @ Geek Girl - Me too!

  11. I love "Rock'n'Roll" Awesome stuff...

    We have added you button (not bottom) to the site.

  12. Great idea for a blog, Margo. A little guided tour to the underbelly.
    I was just over at Dufusdownbeat and you are quite right. A cool site. I must visit there more frequently.

  13. Cool blog. Takes me back to the good days of real rock n' roll. Just checked it out, maaaaaannnnn.

  14. I have got to start cleaning out my reader so I can add some new cool folks. Good God, I am going to have to quit sleeping and showering to keep blogging.

  15. That's a great idea!!! Thanks so much!!!


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