Monday, January 25, 2010

Me-Me's Neighborhood No. 4

Ohhhhh, who are the people in your neighborhood?

Today's featured neighbor is no stranger to the blogosphere. As you leave comments here and there, you have probably seen him around from time-to-time. Please drop by his place today for a visit and make him feel welcomed. Be sure to drop him a note, it's the neighborly thing to do.

I first met MikeWJ through Humor Bloggers Dot Com. His blog has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. Yeah, we're bloggin' buddies for sure! If he's not already on your regular route, I'm sure you'll find his writing worth adding Too Many Mornings to your rounds.

Don't believe me? Well try this on for size.....

I killed
a man down in LoDo one night. Beat him to death with my hickory because I spilled my drink when he elbowed me and he wouldn’t apologize for it. He deserved what he got, but the judge disagreed and put me in the hole for a long time.

I didn’t like it at the federal pen in Canon City, especially the showers and the food, but there was an upside: I learned how to read and write, earned my high school diploma, and figured out my public defende
r made some mistakes at my trial. Now I’m free again, and I’ve got a blog where I can say anything I want, even if not a word of it’s true.

Currently, MikeWJ is one of the last bloggers standing in the Blog-Off 2010 being held over at Knucklehead's. Please give MikeWJ's latest entry, Gluteus Maximus Discovers the Mystical Shroud of Tourin', a read. This piece is absolutely hysterical, something anyone who has ever taken a car trip with the family can relate to. Then make your way over to Knucklehead's to vote!

Trust me, once you leave MikeWJ a comment, he will stalk you forever! Now, get goin', there's nothing more to see here.


  1. Good choice! Mike's definitely one of my daily reads. What? He doesn't write daily? Well, then I read him twice, then.

  2. Mike is one of the better writers that I stop by and read from time to time. There's a skill involved at his level of blogging. Unlike mine where whatever shit falls out of my brain onto the plate is what you get.

  3. I agree with Don, Mike is a very skilled writer.

    He is da bomb diggity!

    See HE would never write that, cuz he's that good!


  4. @ Dufus - Well, in case he begins writing daily, we'll be there.

    @ Don - "Skilled", that's the word I was looking for. I'm like you, just whatever hits the plate.

    @ Quirky - LOL! I think you may have offered up a challenge. How 'bout it Mike? Now, I will have to search his future posts for "da bomb diggity".

  5. Well okey dokey, I'll check him out. Raht kahndly 'n' neighborly of yuz to do this kahnda shout out feature post, Margo!

    The Old Silly

  6. @ Lee - And don't forget to vote!!!

    @ Marvin - Thanks, I know you'll enjoy his writing. Watch out, you could be next!

  7. I'll have to go read his piece! Thanks for the link!

  8. I always enjoy reading Mike's work... good choice!

    (And I lived in Canon City once... glad he made it out alive!)

  9. LOVE his blog. Great person to have in the neighborhood. I so enjoy his writing and his wit.

  10. @ Blue Violet - Terrific, I'm sure you'll enjoy his work.

    @ Cat Lady - Glad to see you made it out alive as well!

    @ Ann - Cool! Don't forget to vote!

    @ Buggys - Me too! He's one of those writers you can count on to tell a great story.

  11. Mike is a great writer. He happens to be funny too. Great neighbor! Gonna go check out the voting thing going on at Knuckleheads now.

  12. Ya'll are giving me a big head (no, not that one, Moooog, if you're out there). But thanks, because it's been shrinking lately what with all the headaches life's been throwing at my family.

    Me-Me is one of the best and nicest bloggers on the Internet, and this latest effort of hers to help promote her friend's blogs proves it once again. Her encouragement won't go unrewarded. Also, Me-Me's got secrets. And a really gnarly sailor-mouthed sister who, ironically, is named Joy. Sometimes they argue, and loudly. It's fantastic, and recently it's been a source of real...well, joy.

  13. I love these neighborly pieces of yours. They are so great. What a great excerpt from Mike's blog. Will definitely swing by. I love those dark, twisted types.

  14. Now to make his blog a frequent read. I loved the simplicity in his posts and his writing style...:)

  15. I agree...I want to be MikeWJ when I grow up.

    Now come vote, you guys!

  16. Lauren: Nobody's ever called me dark and twisted before. I feel like a bad boy -- and sexy. Thank you. I hope it was good for you, too.


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