Monday, March 30, 2009

Girls With Guns - Yeow!

Now, this is what I call takin' care of business...


  1. He didn't even get to say hello to her little friend! (Thanks for including me on your blog roll; appreciate it.)

  2. Buwahahahahahahaha That is beyond excellent! Oh wait, no, I'm supposed to be terrified of that - hold on while I panic.

    OK , all done ;)

  3. That's great! Can't help but love a hot girl with a hot piece...

  4. Shit like that is why you never break in through glass doors.

    Stupid shit.

  5. @ dizzblnd - Me too. The first time I saw it I emailed it to my entire list.

    @ dani c - Expect the unexpected.

    @ Mike & Don - I knew this would draw the guys. Girls and guns is almost as popular as girl on girl.

    @ Shawn - So what do you think the rock it for? The gun shop is in Salt Lake City, there are rocks everywhere. Hmmm.

    @ moooooog35 - lol, yeah.


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