Friday, December 11, 2009

The Fractured ABC's Of Christmas - K

is for Kitchen
Oh, what yummy treats

For this holiday season

You must try these sweets

Yesterday I received a package in the mail. I was so excited! I opened it hurriedly to find a selection of wonderful holiday treats. Bourbon balls, cookies and fudge. I set them all before me. I swear, it was like Christmas morning, I just couldn't decide which to sample first.

The package was from the kitchen of a bloggin' buddy, Jen over at Redhead Ranting, who had asked me to try her treats and write a little review if I liked them. Like them? Oh. my. god. Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to testify!

Bourbon Balls - Coated with sugary goodness, chocked full of nuts and a hint of bourbon. As I took my first bite, I do believe I mmmmm'ed out loud. Delicious!

Christmas Cookies - Sugar cookies sprinkled with red and green. These are truly yummy cookies cut in holiday shapes and sprinkled with the colors of the season. Another hit!

Fudge - Creamy, chocolate and nutty. This fudge is absolutely perfect! This has to be my favorite, hands down. Orgasmic!

You, too, can have these awesome treats delivered right to your door or to the door of a friend or family member. And, what a great gift, if you are participating in Secret Santa or a cookie exchange at work you'll definitely be appreciated by giving such a delicious gift .

To get the full run down of options (with or without nuts), click here. Jen makes it very easy for you to order using PayPal.

Now, excuse me while I finish my last bite of fudge...mmmmmmmm.


  1. K is also for Krazy..which is what I would be if I ate random shit that I got in the mail without being innoKulated.

    I believe I've taken some spelling liberties there, because other than 'kangaroo' and 'kite' I can't think of any funny k words.

    No offense, RedHead. I'm sure they're delicious.

  2. Dang! I'm just a hop, skip, and a jump away from you aren't I?

    So....canz I comez overz and youz sharez?

    hee hee

    They're already gone, aren't they? ha!

  3. I'm with moooooog on this one. The only thing I ever ate that came through the mail was a ham with green crap on it. I thought those were Christmas sprinkles...they weren't. No mas!

  4. Thanks Mooog and Don, It's not like you all don't know me. These are made with nothing but love and sugary goodness. I'm not the Tylenol guy for cryin' out loud.

  5. @ moooooog and Don - C'mon guys, this was not some random package I received. It came for the kitchen of someone we all have known for quite some time now. These treats were absolutely delicious and I'm sorry you'll miss out.

    @ Quirky - You caught me! The cookies and fudge are all gone, I finished them off this morning with my coffee. Ha!

    @ Jen - Nope, you are not the Tylenol guy, that's for sure. I do hope there are those who will appreciate the time and deliciousness you put into your baking by ordering today!

    @ Dufus - You got that right! Really, you've got to try the fudge - it's heavenly.

  6. Holy hell...we're both doing the same theme. Ok, my alphabet posts aren't Christmas but I'm doing the alphabet (I get sidetracked with my theme thursday and Flash-55-Friday posts but other than that, I'm up to the letter I). I'll suggest M as mistletoe...there's got a be a story in there somewhere...

  7. @ VE - Yes, we are both doing an alphabet theme. In fact, I was accused of ripping you off. Thanks for the suggestion, it's certainly worth considering.

  8. They sound yummy. But why speculate? You can head over to Red's blog and have these treats delivered right to your door and try them for yourself. I think we can trust Red -- probably much more than we trust a lot of other mail-order food companies, like Harry & David or those freaks who make fruit cakes. What's in those things anyway?

  9. What's with the freakin' paranoia? It's not like Jen's a stranger. She's an established blogger and easily tracked down by the FBI if necessary. I also received her goodies to and I, too, am still alive to attest to their orgasmic yumminess. If you don't believe me read my review from today.

  10. im really looking forward to the letter n...

  11. @ Mike - LOL! Which fruitcakes are you referring to? The edible kind or moooooog and Don? ;)

    @ Jayne - I have no idea what the paranoia is all about. Paranoia will detroy ya! I pop over to read your review.

    @ Nooter - Okay, I'll be happy do something special just for you.

  12. I'm guessing Moooooog and Don are way more edible than most fruitcakes.

    Oh, yuck. I just ruined my own day with that thought.

  13. Moooooog and Don are just jealous that the treats were not delivered to them for sampling and review.

    They look awesome, almost as awesome as my stuff which you have a chance to win. ;-)

  14. Dear Margo, I have a few recipes you may be interested in trying this holiday season, too!
    Stop by my OTHER blog, "Greatest Drink in the World... This Week" and see what I mean!


  15. Was that a nice way of saying "These are mine get your own" I want fudge

  16. Notice that Moog apologized to The RedHead, cause ya know, us girls with red hair can be wicked feisty!

    "K"apow! right in the kisser baby!


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