Friday, February 5, 2010

Sheeple, Bah-Bah-Bah

In a former life, I worked for several think tanks on Capital Hill as a campaign consultant. One of my many charges on any given campaign was to oversee the advertising. There were those times when I actually had to write and direct the message which was to appeal to the voters. That was many years ago, but even today during any election I still tend to critique political advertising - the good and the bad.

Last night, as I was scanning the Internet news, I came across a California Republican primary ad where Carly Fiorina has launched her attack against her opponent, Tom Campbell. Once you take a look at the ad below, which was just released yesterday, you'll understand why this video has already gone viral.

Some analysts have tagged this ad as being "terrifying" or "psychedelic". Don't worry, I'm not going to give you my blow-by-blow opinion, I know you don't have all day. However, whether you are politically minded or not, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or whatever, this ad is definitely worth watching and then you can decide for yourself.

Here take a look.....

Well, what do you think?


  1. You may be missing the point. This ad has a talent-free aspect to it that harks back to grade-school. I can imagine teabaggers and other populists experiencing a pleasant sense of nostalgia when reminded of childhood art projects. I can also imagine these same people, all of them Sarah Palin fans, finding in the ad's sheep-with-lipstick feature a subtle allusion to their champion. And of course fluffy animals are always a crowd pleasure.
    No, I'm afraid you're wrong. This ad will definitely get out the vote for Carly.

  2. I dunno MeMe.

    I can't get past the Gregorian evil chanting in the background music. Isn't that the same music they play for the Damien movies?

    And now it's stuck in my head.

    Oh, and I'm never gonna look at a sheep again. Those eyes! The eyes!

    Anyhoo, how much money did it cost Ms. Carly to produce this commercial! It's a long one!

    The fight between left and right will forever last.

    Yeah, all conservatives are sheep blindly following their FCINO leaders. Gah.

    Both parties are too corrupted in my opinion. Ick.

  3. @ Barry Knister - Gee, I don't remember giving my opinion, but I will go so far to say I agree this ad will get out the vote.

  4. I agree with Quirky about the chanting. I like it though. As far as a motivating ad goes, it's good, but if they don't throw in cookies and milk at the polling places it wouldn't drive me to vote...

  5. @ Quirky - Very observant of you. The music is definitely an interesting component of this ad.

    The cost was approximately $15,000.

    @ Don - Oh, I see, your vote can be bought.

  6. Between the mental images of a round cult of hippies sitting around chanting and the evil demon eyes, I had to replay the damn thing just to get to the point of the ad.

    All I can say is..only in California..and I moved here?? Oy Vey

  7. Holy Sh*t! What a total freak she is. And that rising whatever that phallic symbol was?! Most people vote on name recognition and all she did was put Campbell's name out there over and over. Totally counterproductive in terms of attracting voters. But mostly -- what a scary-ass broad.

  8. Evil Devil Goat In A Cheap Sheep Costume!

    To me, it was kinda silly, long and, at times, confusing. I get that they were trying to force the subliminal messaging crapola down their target audience's throats. But, in the end, it seemed like a waste of money to make it. Their intentions were f*cked up by lousy dialog, silly imagery and production. The music is supposed to make you feel all serious about the guy, too. Not to me. The ad was more humorous than anything else.

  9. I know that if I were watching Survivor and a 3 and a half minute ad came on with Michael Savage narrating, I would be pissed! haha!

  10. Negative political ads do nothing for me other than get me pissed off at the candidate running them. Who's going to watch a 3 and 1/2 minute ad? And the candidate didn't even mention her name other than at the end where it says who its paid for by. Are people actually influenced by this stuff?

  11. What I can't stand about these things is that all she did was say why people should not vote for the other guy. What I want to know is why I should vote for her? Because she knows how to disgracefully waste a ton of money on a piece of garbage.

  12. Had to watch it twice. Once before the acid kicked in. Even thou I am fully incoherent now on this old blotter I kept since my second Pink Floyd concert in '72, I cannot seem to make the commercial stop playing in my head.

    Perhaps if I get my Beatles white album out and play it backwards the commercial will all make sense?

    Oh God who mentioned Mike Savage now all I can hear is his incessant rant as to why Limbaugh should be in the Whitehouse.

    I am seeing a picture of John Lennon, this blog is so vivid. Then again......phallic symbols where'd that come from??

    That's the coolest drive in I ever seen, looks so small, where's the EC drops, can't seem to find it.....

    Tom really likes farm animals......

    It's all your fault Mad Mad

  13. Looking at the Ad, all I could do was laugh. What a combination. A politician, many sheep and a boring narrator. To add up to the end, a crazy man in a sheep disguise. Now that was one lousy Ad...

    Have a great weekend...:)

  14. Welll....I can't offer any political commentary; but I just thought it was hilarious. Which I'm guessing that isn't the intention? hm. Maybe it was...the bad sheep crawling across the meadow...bwahahaha. How did this get past anyone who had a brain? I guess I can laugh cuz I don't live in California. Telling the voters they were sheep in the first place if they had voted for whatshisface-- probably not a good idea. OH gosh, none of it was a good idea. Unless this is a SNL skit and that evil sheep dude is really Justin Timberlake...


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