Saturday, March 20, 2010

Caption This! Winner No. 35

Happy Saturday! It's time to announce the winner of this week's special edition of Caption This! Thank you all for playing, you came up with some pretty interesting, let's get to it.

The Panel has given thumbs-up to a few of you, those receiving a most-honorable mention are.....

Moooooog35 said...
Surprisingly, this was exactly the 'Pot' at the end of the rainbow that Dewayne had hoped he'd find.

Kelly said...
Leprechauns always have the best weed. That's what they mean by POT O' Gold.

FreakSmack said...
For $180 an ounce that shit better make you see leprechauns!

We have a winner!

This week's winner of The Golden Phallus is none other than Renal Failure! Congratulations, stand up and take a bow. I encourage you all to stop by over at Renal Failure today, I'm sure you will enjoy this writing experiment - a blog full of damnable lies and outright fabrications.

Now, the winning caption.....

"This is how Glenn Beck sees
Barack Obama and Dennis Kucinich."

Again, thank you all for playing....see you next Wednesday for another edition of Caption This!


  1. Congratulations! Really great captions. Congrats to Renal Failure. Great line and great name btw. Will stop by to say hello.

  2. Being new to your followers I am amazed at all what is going on, never a dull moment.Keep it up.


  3. I never knew Kucinich hung with lepracons ;-)

  4. Haaa! Awesome congratulations Renal Failure!! Me-Me your blog is a good time!!!!

  5. Congrats to the winner and thanks for the honorable mention. :)

  6. Oh, that was a good one! I thought Glenn Beck gave up drugs?

  7. Congrats Renal Failure! Hilarious captions as usual.

  8. That is absolutely hilarious! too much!

  9. Wish I would have thought of that one. I should have because that's the way I see them too.

  10. That is a spectacular caption, and the picture truly captured the essence of both of them.

  11. funny stuff. They all cracked me up I don't know how you can choose.

  12. Oh sweet. Thanks. Rock over London, rock on Chicago.

  13. The second I read Renal's caption, I knew he was going to win. Congratulations!


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