Saturday, April 10, 2010

Caption This! No. 38 Winner!

Wow! When I put this week's photo up for Caption This!, I knew you folks wouldn't let me down. You all came up with captions which are hysterical. Thanks so much for playing!

The Panel's decision this week was a hard one and, after much deliberation, have finally decided on a wiener....erm, I mean, winner. But, there are those who were very close and have received a most-honorable mention. The following rocked it with their captions:

Ziva said...
"A very discreet survey of the Polish cycling team showed that 2 out of 5 men are lefties, 2 out of 5 men are righties, and 1 out of every 5 men doesn't give a damn. Also, 0 out of 5 men actually wear underwear."

nonamedufus said...
"The boys pose for a photo in which they demonstrate their excitement in coming from behind to win the Men's Tour de Pants."

Buggys said...
"I told them to follow the trail marked in red but 2 turned left, 2 turned right and 1 got lost!"

C: said...
"Peter, Dick, Willy, and Rod were nervous. They knew how excited Johnson was about this year's traditional post-race piggy back ride."

trash talk said...
"News Flash: Competition expected to be stiff. Home team lubed, packed and ready to explode off the starting line. More at the 10:00 news."

To see the rest of this week's captions submitted, go here. I promise, it's well worth the trip.

We have a winner!

This week's winner of The Golden Phallus is a newcomer to Caption This! Last week, in her first attempt to play, she received a most-honorable mention. Not bad, not bad at all. However, this week both of the captions she submitted were in consideration for the win! Everyone, please give a big round of applause for Malisa from Moonlight Hollow! Congratulations! I ask you all to please stop by her place today and follow her.

Now, the winning caption.....

Department "heads" from Trojan Condoms Inc.
comprise their competitive cycle team,
"Where The Rubber Meets The Road"

Thank you all again for playing. If you happen to run across a photo that you feel would make a great splash here for Caption This!, please email it to Thanks!

See you next Wednesday!


  1. LOL! These were all great! Congratulations Malisa!

  2. Hehehe...all funny! Gross pic, but funny caps.

  3. As soon as I read it yesterday, I knew Malisa had won. Congratulations Malisa! It was a great caption. There were lots of great captions.

  4. I won? I won the big yellow dick award? I am orgasmically breathless! Is that a word? Is that a condition? Anyway, I am very honored and will hold tight to the golden phallus this week!

  5. If you visit my blog, might I suggest that you do so Monday? On Mondays, Moonlight Hollow has Pop Test, my caption contest! Hope to see you there! Thanks for the kind words, guys!

  6. Congrats Malisa! Thank you Me-Me for another fun pic to creep us out! LOL!

  7. Congrats Malisa, that was a hilarious caption! And thanks ME-Me for the honorable mention!

  8. KUDOS to Malisa! These were all great, but hers took the cake. That photo skeeves me out. LOL

  9. Congrats Malisa. That was a great caption. There were lots of good ones this week. Congrats to the honorable mentions too.

  10. Congrats to Malisa on a great caption. I have to say though that I cracked up again when I read buggys in the honorable mentions.

  11. Congrats Malisa! Great caption. Yippee for the honorable mentions!

  12. yes. congrats.

    but the photo? blech...............

    I cannot get it out of my head. ugh. I don't know what that says about me and I probably don't wanna know. :)

  13. Congrats Malisa. That was a hilarious caption!

  14. That is a good one by Malisa. Artfully worded...

  15. Congrats! That was hysterical! (All the runners-up were great!)

  16. Nice work, Malisa. I'm sure the award more than makes up for everything you've gone through recently, too. ;)

  17. The winner and honorable mentions are great but I'm kinda fond of -"The boys pose for a photo in which they demonstrate their excitement in coming from behind to win the Men's Tour de Pants."

    Who knew that coming in from the behind could prove so exciting. LOL


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