Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Wild, The Wacky And The Weird


  1. Some are very Monty Pythonish. Absurd. Hilarious. My kinda humor!

  2. Gets really, really wacky towards the middle.
    The Queen's bits were hilarious though!

  3. When the world needs a laugh, this is where they should come!

    Was that Jesus in a police car?

  4. Wow... Have I just been on an acid trip? Man, that was truly fu**ed up. I loved it. Good one.

  5. This video is impossible to forget! Great one, really original! Though I saw Jean-Luc Picard in his car to hit the Queen :)

  6. we sent georgie to cop a tab of sunshine acid.

    he shows up at a dealers' lab with the $5.

    o'course the lab is about packaging huge amounts of sunshine tabs and selling them wholsale. everyone is wearing dustmasks except georgie.

    the guy looks at georgie, then he looks at georgie's $5.

    rather than shoot georgie and throw georgie's body into a ditch, he does the next best thing.

    the guy uses the edge of his open hand to sweep sunshine tabs towards one end of the table. then in a returning motion sweeps the powdered remnants of broken tabs into a doggie bag. he ties the bag with a twistee, takes georgie's 5 bucks, and escorts georgie to the door, saying "don't come back here kid".

    so, georgie returns with this baggie full of powdered sunshine.

    we wet our fingertips, dipped our fingers into the baggies, then sucked the powdered sunshine off our fingers.

    three days later, we're naked in the middle of a four-lane highway directing what we believe to be a herd of cows dressed up in nuns' habits.

    thanks for the video. luvitt! :-)


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