Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spike Jones - Cocktails For Two

Spike Jones was a bandleader way ahead of his time. His satirical arrangements of popular songs included ridiculous vocals, gunshots, whistles and cowbells.  Yes, cowbells!  This particular video has all those elements plus an added bonus of cross-dressing.  Sit back and enjoy Spike's 1945 version of "Cocktails for Two".


  1. That was hilarious.. I was just going to complain about the lack of cross dressers at the precise moment they showed up!

    My favorite was the 3 guys after the ginormous snifters broke.

  2. This is a rare jewel, hysterical. Spike was definitely ahead of his time. It started out so "proper" then it went Loved it. Thanks.

  3. This is terrific! My day has been enriched considerably by seeing this...

  4. Great Video. Thanks for that. You have to love Spike Jones.

  5. I'm particularly fond of Being John Malkovich.

  6. @ dizzblnd - Funny how this 1945 bit has stood the test of time. The cross dressers, however, don't come close to the drag queen of today.

    @ Anonymous - Yes, a rarel jewel indeed. Check out YouTube for more Spike Jones hilarity.

    @ Lidian - So happy you were entertained and appreciated the humor from "back in the day".

    @ Walt - Pass the butter and honey!

    @ Ram - Yep, he's definitely a treasure. Thank you.

    @ Shawn - LOL, me too!


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