Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Fashions: Condom Clothing

You may not have seen these latest fashions on the runways in Paris or Milan, but I think they really make a fashion statement.....what that statement is exactly, well, I'm not sure. Take a look at these creative and colorful Spring fashions for both men and women all made from condoms. A fashion do or don't? You decide.

Click on photos for a closer view...if you dare


  1. Unbelievable stuff!

  2. Please tell me these aren't used.


  3. OMG is all I have to say. From far away the long dresses are pretty...but not close up. It's just EW!!!!

  4. Liz took the words right out of my mouth. Um, maybe I should not say that in this context, sorry.

  5. Some of it is very... festive! Perfect for the Pride Parade!

    Mind you, the dresses #3 and 4 in the second pic look pretty good from a distance!

  6. I plan on buying that last outfit/dress and wearing it for the wife. Woo Hoo! She'll get so horned up after seeing me in that, that I'll have to run for my life, trip over my condom dress, get up, run, trip again, then.... Eh, where was I going with this?

  7. Fascinating stuff! I have never seen anything like that before. I did some more research and came across a similar Fashion Show in Beijing to promote AIDS/HIV awareness. Well, thanks for sharing. For fun, I created a contest at so people can vote on their favorite outfit. I gave your blog credit (via a link) for the inspiration!

  8. @ TimeThief - Unbelievable, but function and fashion rarely relate.

    @ Bob - Okay, they aren't used.

    @ Liz - I know, kind of like a Monet.

    @ LLnL - LOL! Now, that's funny!

    @ Salomey5 - Now you're thinkin' - functional drag.

    @ Kelly - Your wife doesn't get out much does she.

    @ Fashionista - I appreciate your sense to spot nouveau fashion. Thanks for the link love.


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