Monday, May 4, 2009

"Caption This" No. 2: The Winner Is.....

Wow, what a overwhelming response to this installment of Me-Me's Playhouse: "Caption This" No. 2, you really out did yourselves. Thank you for participating! I do hope you will all return for the next installments.  

The Impartial Panel of Three really had a time with all of your submissions and almost came to blows over deciding the winning caption. However, after much deliberation, the panel delivered the following as most honorable mentions: moooooog35, My Daily List, Quirkyloon, Da Old Man, Don and freetheunicorns.

May I have the envelope please?

The Golden Phallus and 500 EC credits go to.....Douglas Dyer of the infamous duo, The Dyer Boys.


"Once the residuals stopped coming in, Linda Carter really let herself go."


  1. I am just about to burst with pride. Or with that damn Rueben I had for lunch. I will gladly accept this trophy and wear it with pride on my little blog site. But I would like to award Venom with the Entrecard points since she did come up with the "letting herself go" before I did. Plus I don't have and entrecard account so maybe I'm not so damn generous after all. Thanks Screaming Me Me!

  2. Howdy Douglas - You are most welcome and you are very deserving of this award.

  3. I never win. Me-Me hates me.

  4. No, Chris, I don't hate you. It's The Impartial Panel of Three that hates you. :)

  5. Good going. I salute you and I somehow find myself staring at this woman of noteworthy heft and sporting wood.


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