Monday, June 1, 2009

"Caption This" No. 4: The Winner Is.....

Before we get to the winning caption of this installment of Me-Me's Playhouse: "Caption This!", I want to share a few On This Day in History events with you. Salute!

1. 1926 - Actress Marilyn Monroe was born.

2. 1947 - Rocker Ron Wood was born.

3. 1967 - The album, St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released.

4. 1980 - CNN made its debut.

5. 2009 - Conan O'Brien takes the reigns as host of The Tonight Show

Now, on with the show.....

You all did a fantastic job with submitting captions this time around, thank you so much for your participation. 39 Screaming Fans have spoken and The Impartial Panel of Three has given thumbs-up to moooooog35, nonamedufus, Ungirdled Passion, Stephanie M and P.L. Frederick - all have received a most-honorable mention.

The envelope please.....

The winning author of this installment of "Caption This" that will take home the much sought after Golden Phallus plus 500 EC credits is Tiggy over at Tiggy Blog. Be sure to pop over to her blog for a visit - her observations are hilarious! Congratulations!

 "And, if you think this is weird, 
you should see my testicles."


  1. Aw, geez, I hope his testicles aren't next week's caption contest. Way to go Tiggy.

  2. Well after not only viewing that monstrosity but reading the caption, my over imaginative mind now has very disturbing mental pics.. Way to go!!

  3. Way to go Tiggmeister! She's sharp- as sharp as a knife through the nostril.

    Hey, that would be a great band name, wouldn't it? "Knives and Nostrils..."

  4. Tiggy clearly deserved that award.

    Awesome caption.

  5. Congratulations, Tiggy! Judges: Thanks so much for the honorable mention! (BTW, does anyone have that guy's phone number?...)

  6. Funny caption! Also, love the "On this Day in History post" makes you think...


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