Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Awards

No, I'm not handing out a GPS device, but I do have an ocean full of business to take care of today. So, let's get to it.

Each Wednesday over at nonamedufus, this Canadian blogger holds a caption contest. This week, I took the prize for Pause, Ponder and Pun!

"Looks as if Dolly Parton will take second place
in the Country Music Marathon."

For my creative efforts, I take home the dufus award - yep, I be hangin' with nonamedufus. Thank you, dufus!

I have also received awards from two other bloggers because of my awesomeness. The first award is from Kat over at Candles, Crafts and Whatnot. She thinks I have One Lovely Blog. Thank you Kat! Be sure to stop over and give her a visit.

Yesterday, I received an award from Frank Lee MeiDere. This Humor Blogger over at I Probably Don't Like You probably does like me because he passed along the Superior Scribbler Award to me. Thank you, Frank! Be sure to pay him a visit too.

Now its time for me to announce the winning author of Me-Me's Playhouse: Caption This! No. 13. As most of you know, the judging is conducted by an independent panel, The Impartial Panel of Three. Their decision this week was quite difficult because so many of you submitted so many hilarious captions. Thank you all for playing!

The most honorable mentions go to.....

Joel Klebanoff said...

No. No. No. I asked, "You want us to pose under where?"

MA Fat Woman said...

The Hane's family 2009 Holiday Greetings Card

nonamedufus said...

Billy Bob didn't get the memo the guys were wearing boxers for the Hanes family picture.

The winning author, of course, takes home The Golden Phallus plus 500 EntreCard credits. This week's winner is that geeky girl from Texas fighting brain fog one post at a time - Reforming Geek. Congratulations!

"Yes. That's right. Just picture them in their
underwear and you won't be nervous"!

And, while your clicking, this Humor Blogger has a hilarious blog, Confessions of a Reforming Geek. I promise, you'll definitely enjoy this one!

That wraps it up for today folks. Hope to see all of you next Friday for another installment of Caption This!


  1. Your blog never ceases to bring a smile to face! And usually some insane giggles! Keep up the fantastic job! You are AWESOME!

  2. Yay, I be hangin' with Me-Me. Thanks for the HB. I'll win that golden thingy yet.

  3. @ suzen - Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my little part of the blogosphere.

    @ nonmaedufus - Gotta play to win. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. WOW! Thanks. I win! I win! It's so fun to win but there is A LOT of competition out there with all you hilarious folks!

    Thanks again. I'll wear my phallus with pride. Um....

  5. @ Geek Girl - Congratulations! I hope you will play again, it would be interesting to see what you would do with 2 golden thingies.

  6. Reforming Geek is a favorite of mine...I'm so glad she won. The caption is hilarious-which is to be expected from her!

  7. Congrats! You are the best humor blogger too me. :)

  8. Way to go, Reffie! Now I have an actual picture to look at next time I hafta give a speech!

  9. Yay for Reffers!

    And Yay for MeMe for her blog awards!

    Yay for Noname!

    Yay for me!

    Wait. I didn't win anything did I?



  10. @ mama-face - Isn't so nice when your buddy wins? You are so right, she is hilarious. Thanks for stopping by today.

    @ Deorsay - Awwww, thank you, that's so nice of you say.

    @ CatLadyLarew - Wow, that's exactly one of judges said! Good call.

    @ Quirky - Yay for you because you are you!!!


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