Saturday, November 14, 2009

Caption This! No. 18 Winner!

We have a winner!

Thank you all for playing Caption This! The Impartial Panel of Three has handed down their decision for this week's photo. Before we get to the winning caption, the following have received a most-honorable mention.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said.....Aerobic exercise is supposed to be good for that muffin least that's what I heard.

Bill S. said.....Muffy the Zombie Slayer

The Old Silly said.....Will you please hold still so I can kick your ass?!

Ann said.....Zombie night at the frat party really started kicking once Molly showed up.

The winning caption was submitted by Dufus over at nonamedufus. He runs a caption contest over on his blog each Wednesday too. If you have stopped by his place before, be sure to do so. Congratulations, Dufus takes home The Golden Phallus!!!

Now, for the winning caption.....

The guys on the football team were beginning to regret inviting
Barb to the cheerleader try-outs. She just seemed out of step.

Thanks again for playing, hope to see you all again next Wednesday. Until then, have a great weekend!


  1. Hahaha! Reminds me of "Elaine" trying to dance on that episode of Seinfeld. She freaked everybody out. What a spazmo...

  2. OMG, it's a miracle. My first-ever golden phallus. That viagra stuff really works...oh, wrong phallus. Thanks, Me-Me. I'll be sure and display it with pride. *blushes*

  3. @ Don - Yes, it does. I love that episode.

    @ Dufus - Well, thank goodness. Erm, I mean, congratulations!

  4. What? This was Noname's first Phallus? I thought he already had one.

    After all, he is the captioning king extraordinaire!

    Oh goody, goody a Rush video!

    You so rawk woman!

  5. I will definitely be paying you a visit on Wednesday. I'll be checking in from France - see you then!

  6. Quirky - I'm glad he finally won, no more listening to his whinning about it. ; )

    I love RUSH, especially their song Free Will. Rawk on!

    kerry - Thanks for stopping by today, I look forward to your next visit. Bon jour.

  7. watch the guy in the back...
    he looks really scared


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