Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Fractured ABC's Of Christmas - C

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm still here bringing you The Fractured ABC's of Christmas. So far, so good. I really haven't hit any blogger-blocks.....yet. But, after all, it's only day three.

I invite you to participate by leaving your letter suggestions in my comments.

C is for Comment
What a lovely thought

Like early Christmas morn

Discovering what Santa brought

Yesterday, while I was out, I was over visiting Lee the Hot Flash Queen. She touched on a subject that I have often thought about, but have never really whined about here before .....until now.

According to, I receive 400-500 unique visitors here at The Screaming Me-Me every single day. Wooo-hooo! That's super-duper, except for one fucking thing.....why am I only receiving 20 or so comments per day?

For the regulars that do stop, read and actually comment - thank you for your patronage. I truly appreciate your loyalty.

Believe it or not, I have finally, after a year, figured out how to "dig deep" to discover exactly who drops by here everyday. Man, these stats are telling, I know exactly who you are! I don't understand why you lurk about for several minutes then leave without even a nod. What is it? Do you have commitment issues?

Unlike Lee, I'm not seeking blog domination, I just want a little validation. Your comments don't have to be clever; hell, I'd even accept "Nice post.", "Well done." or "Kiss my ass!" - something, anything. C'mon, isn't this why we blog? Really? I just want you to share the love.

Oh, and you EntreCard droppers that stop, drop and roll on out of here, this goes for you too! I make it a point to comment on at least 3 new blogs every day. You've seen me there, haven't you? Yeah, you're driving traffic to my blog alright, so what. Why not take 2 minutes out of your day to actually read what I have to say. Do you even realize that this is a humor blog?

If I were to receive, let's say, 50 comments, I would be so motivated to work that much harder to bring you the best of my best. Needless to say, it's difficult day-after-day to come up with the post that may bring the masses to their knees.

I realize it's a two-way streak. So, if you leave a comment, I'll visit your blog, actually read your post, comment, Tweet, Stumble, subscribe, follow, participate in your meme, enter your contest - whatever you've got going on.

Okay, you've made it through this far, now it's time to become and Screaming Fan and share the love.


  1. @ moooooog - Although I appreciate your efforts, I'm looking for 50 comments from 50 unique visitors. Smart ass!

  2. perhaps if you validated parking for your visitors...

  3. Don't be hasty. Moooooog's pretty unique. He can be bought, you know.

  4. @ Nooter - Great idea!

    @ Dufus - Well, I guess he's unique to the 9th power. Oh, really?! How much?

  5. Nice post.", "Well done." or "Kiss my ass!" Thanks for the shout out!!

  6. loving your fractured abc's! so i thought i would say hey, i'm here! have a great day!

  7. Nice post. Well done. As to the other thing, that's entirely up to you.

    What depresses me is when I beg for comments and almost no one responds. I'm not a popular guy. And I was never allowed to sit at the cool kid's table in school. They let me clean it after they left, but I was never allowed to sit there.

    Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. I'm happy to contribute to your goal of 50 comments. I'm sorry that I'm not as prolific as Moooooog35.

  8. @ Lee - Atta girl, that's the spirit!!!

    @ PJ - Oh, goodie, I appreciate the comment. Thank you, I will certainly try.

    @ Joel - LOL, you are hysterical! You, know, I don't think I ever sat at the cool kid's table either. Thanks for your contribution.

  9. Hey there!
    I am SOOOO with you about the comment thing - I get a ton of visitors too - few comments by comparison. Since I am working on a book and finding I spend WAYYY too much time visiting blogs, I set myself a program to only visit those who comment on my blog - it may sound selfish but hey, I'm economizing on my time here. I only blog on Mondays - put up videos for the weekend for entertainment. Anyway, this is putting a quick end to the frustrations about comments. Leave one, I come to yours and do likewise - otherwise I'm livin' my life and writin' my book.

  10. @Me-Me - Thanks. I see that you've finally learned to not tell me I'm "funny" because, thanks to my low self-esteem, I'm liable to take that the wrong way, or maybe it's the right way.

  11. Nice....

    (to be continued)

    hee hee

  12. @ suZen - Now, that's a great plan!!! Best of luck with your book.

    @ Joel - Pobrecito!

    @ Quirky - LOL!

  13. A challenge! I love challenges! So here's my comment and I can't wait to see you visiting my dreary little blog.

  14. It's not really dreary. I just don't receive a lot of comments. Or followers. And now I sound like I'm whining and fishing for attention. Which I am.

  15. LOL! Love it "Kiss my ass"

    I have something for you for your blog over at my blog!

  16. Hell, moooooog IS unique. I like the comments too. It shows that readers are engaged somewhat. Maybe not, but it seems that way. However, I personally don't have the time to comment on every blog I do an EC drop on.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Seriously, though, I can truly sympathize. I get very few comments myself. If everyone who visited left a comment...

    Hmmm... Okay, I still wouldn't get many comments. Maybe 2. Okay. I'm not crazy about where this has taken me.

    I'm gonna go back to my, "No Comment."

  19. I read your posts, then the comments and then I stare at the screen trying come up with something equally witty to add. I stare some more then a little more, then say the hell with it I'll try again tomorrow. :)

  20. I think it's awesome that you post every day and can get 20 comments.

  21. @ Kelly - Well, it worked! I visited you, commented and now, I'm stalking you. Fell better?

    @ Christiejolu - You bet, I'll pop on over.

    @ Don - Well, I have the time. Commenting distracts me from figuring out how to get one up on Dufus.

    @ C: - I just was at you place the other day, I commented....stop your whinning, it's sickening.

    @ Ann - I hear ya, I do that all over the place. Talk about brain farts.

    @ Geek Girl - I know, I shouldn't complain, but, honestly, only 2% of the people stopping by here comment. What in the hell are the other 98% doing? Never mind, don't answer that. ;)

  22. I'm new here, The red head sent me, but I'm another red head so you might be in trouble.

    I'm new enough to the bloggy world I hardly get comments, but you know, in the real world only bad news travels fast and sometimes only bad news travel at all, so maybe be a little more negative and you'll get more comments?
    Just kidding. Funny is better than crappy any day.

  23. Well I couldn't possibly submit "kiss my arse", as that would be ungentlemanly ;)

    Great blog here, Margo - loving the read of it. Now following you too from he UK!

    Take it easy,


  24. comments are LSD for bloggers.

    and yeah your blog is awesome.

  25. @ Jenn - Welcome to my world! Oh, I've tried being negative, but, no one cared enough to comment. Now, that's negative!

    @ Bren - Greetings! I love the name, I've often, well, back in the 70's anyway, contemplated my navel lint. Great to see you here from across the big pond.

    @ Sorcerer - So, what you saying is, my blog is like the micro-dot of blogs. Groovy! Watch this - I can catch my hand.

  26. I will post a comment for $5.
    So does this mean you already owe me $5 or is it for the next one?

  27. I think everyone would like comments, but it really doesn't validate who or what you say, but it's nice. I leave comments here and there and try to return comments at their blog, but it doesn't always happen because I simply don't have anything to say. Be glad that they are at least clicking on something else on your blog that way your bounce rate stays down and you know they are at least interested instead of dropping and running.

  28. I am one of your droppers and yes, I read too but I seldom make comments, unless I have something important to share.

    A good weekend to you. :)

  29. I just visted for the first time, I am very glad to have found you! And here is a comment so you can perhaps get to the fifty goal!

  30. I've been lurking. I admitt it. I'm a lurker. any support groups out there? ;)

  31. If Lisa from OhMyWord is here, that's good enough for me. Just found you from RedheadRanting as I, too, sampled her treats. Bourbon balls, bourbon balls, bourbon balls... I just love having a reason so say "balls".


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