Thursday, March 4, 2010

Book Review And Give-A-Way!

What The DNA Is Going On In Here?
Just a couple of weeks ago I was sent a proof copy of a book authored by Robert Walters - Boy, I'd Hate To Be Made Out Of That Stuff! Mr. Walters asked me to give it a read and to share my findings with my readers. So, during my down time last week, I finished this delightful comic book and have decided to give a copy to one of you. All you have to do is leave a comment and you are automatically entered. The winner will be announced here this Sunday.

Who Are These Guys?

Meet the gang from the Lunar Antics comic strip! Zeno, Zed, Linda, and Drusus are inhabitants of the moon who just love to hang out here on Earth. Because it's not enough to be superior to all Earthlings, their mission is to make sure you know that they are superior to all Earthlings.

There are only three things a reader has to know when encountering theses moon inhabitants...

1. They have antennas.

2. They have flying saucers.

3. They are good in math.

That's it. No tachyon particles. No time paradoxes. No tedious dissertations concerning Heisenberg philosophy. Finally, space aliens for the rest of us!

This is just one of the many excerpts that are available by clicking over to Lunar Antics and, while you are there, you may even order your own copy. Oh, be sure to click on the "Video and Into" tab, this will give you a better idea of Walter's amusing writings and illustrations.

Take it from me, this is truly an enjoyable read for earthlings of all ages. I had a great deal of fun while reading this comic adventure. I actually chuckled as I delved deeper into the antics of these visiting lunar characters, it was definitely well worth my time.


  1. I wish I could go back in time and have read more comics when I was younger. It's such a cool medium, and it relates a lot to film too, so I'm extra interested. I'll check this one out soon and hope I win the big one. Now I'm in it to win it, as they say.

  2. It was worth your time?

    Was that commode reading time? Or sofa/chair reading time?

    Just wondering.


  3. My mother wouldn't let us read comic books... she thought they would make us stupid. But we showed her... we just turned out stupid anyway!

  4. @ Kablooey - I was a comic book reader, mostly "girlie" stuff. I would save my allowance and blow it all on Archie and Richie Rich. Good luck!

    @ Quirky - Sofa time, I got in lots of sofa time while I had the flu.

    @ Cat Lady - LOL! You are too funny, I can't stop laughing!

  5. I grew up with Betty, Veronica, Archie, Reggie and Jughead. I loved comics when I was a kid. This looks like a fun read. I'm off to check out the website now.

  6. Good at math? Hell, wouldn't you know we'd be invaded by aliens good at math! They've got me beat already.

  7. @ Leeuna - It's a really fun read, I bet you'll enjoy it! Good, go!

    @ Dufus - I hear ya. I was a music major, I can count to four and, occasionally, six when required.

  8. Looks like a fun book! I will go check out the link! I hope these aliens invade before my Math final! I could really use the help! Too much blogging and rocking and not enough studying! Did you hear AIC is releasing a comic book!

  9. I haven't read a comic book in 50 years! God - am I THAT old? I should probably get this while I still AM an earthling!

  10. I haven't read a comic book in ages. I can remember the Archie, Richie Rich and Little Lulu comics. Whoa,

  11. Have I told you that dream # 4199488 is to open up a comic shop??

  12. I think comics are great, especially for kids who don't have the patience to read a novel. At least they're reading, right?

  13. @ ChristieJoLu - Good luck with that math final, maybe the aliens will write the answers on your palm. Hey, if it's good enough for Sarah Palin.....

    @ suZen - Oh, I still pick up a comic book every now and then. Have I told you I've started my second childhood a bit early to where I can actually enjoy it?

    @ Ann - I love flashbacks!!! Especially those associated with my youth.

    @ Mrs.BlogALot - What a great idea! You could start your inventory with this one!

  14. I wonder if interplanetary relationships work?

    I think it would be great. And think of the money one could save on cable bills!

  15. I love to read and to laugh so it sounds kind of perfect to me!

  16. @ mac - Okay, you go first then let us know if this works, who wouldn't want to save money.

    @ Buggys - Double your pleasure! LOL!

  17. That book sounds fun!

    Maybe I can read it to Cat!

  18. I was a big Archie Comics fan, but my real fave was "Millie the Model." I so wanted to be a model like Millie. Once in school we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. Afraid the kids would laugh at me for daring to think I could be a model, I said I wanted to be a jockey. Go figure...

  19. Sound's interesting. I have only started reading graphic novels and I am a long time fan of Dilbert and Garfield.

  20. ALIENS!!!
    Like we don't have enough people of our own!

    Also, what are "moon inhabitants" called? Moonlings? Lunartics?
    Hey, Wait! How come our moon doesn't have a name like all the other moons? We got ripped off!

  21. You're very good at promoting things, Me-Me. You're natural at it. Have you considered marketing? And the book sounds pretty good, too.


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