Saturday, November 16, 2013

Caption This! No. 43 - And The Winner Is.....

Hello everyone and welcome back to Me-Me's Playhouse and thank you all for playing Caption This! This week's photo was an awkward family of sisters posing with their favorite things. The family pets, I get that, but the ventriloquist doll....weird. 

There are a few standout captions I'd like to give a most-honorable mention.....

Agent 45, Timothy Hecht, was stylin' with his caption. - "Dad always had the best hair of everyone in the whole family."

Shawn - "Perhaps they were all in denial, but no one wanted to admit what the all knew to be true. Woody was adopted."

Reforming Geek certainly has an eye for photography - "Ok, everyone, big smiles and don't blink.! Ok, Victor, very funny."

Caption master, Dufus, took this photo to a whole nother level - "You'd be bug-eyed too if someone was always sticking their hand up your ass."

The winner this week is a long-time blogger, author and frequent player here in the playhouse...Mike over at The Wizardry of Otin. If you have never visited The Wizard, please stop by his place and say, "howdy". Congratulations, Mike, you take home the coveted Golden Phallus!

"Pinocchio stars in his first porn film -- Big Hair Gives Me Wood" 

Thanks again for playing and I hope to see you all here again next week! Have a great weekend everyone! Peace out.


  1. Yay! I won something!!! Thank You!

  2. Personally, I thought that caption was a bit stiff.

    I will endeavor to improve my captioning skills until one day, I may emerge victorious and make people laugh.

  3. Wow, a win last week and a mention this week. I'm on a bun. Or is it a roll? Congrats to Mike.

  4. I nearly peed my pants. That's a good one! Congrats, Mike!

  5. Haha! I love it. He earned the phallus (which I forgot to grab when *I* won it so I'm grabbing my phallus now!) :)


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