Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Me-Me's Playhouse: Caption This! No. 46

I received my first Christmas card in the mail yesterday, but it was nothing like the family photo card which has been selected for this week's edition of Caption This!  It's obvious one of the family members is not too thrilled about posing with the family.....I wonder why?

Enter as often as you like and return here on Saturday when the winner of The Golden Phallus is announced. So, put on your thinking caps and get crack-a-lackin'. Good luck!

In case you were wondering, Dufus is currently globe trotting and won't be back until sometime after the first of the year.....Merry Christmas, Dufus, and Happy New Year!!!


  1. Merry Christmas from the Sarcasm family.

  2. Kind of rusty, but I'll give it a stab.

    "Shoot me now, we all have really bad B.O.!"

  3. "Don't take that picture..I'll shoot the white boy..I'll do it...step away form the camera...I'll shoot him!", said younger brother, Craig. jbm

  4. "Family members don't let other family members wear plaid. This local service announcement is brought to you by professional photographers everywhere."


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