Thursday, December 5, 2013

Moooooog: "Perhaps I've Said Too Much"

In case you have been standing in line for a great deal on a 32" LCD TV this past week, you may not have heard the latest in literary news --Rodney "moooooog" Lacroix's second book has been released!!! "Perhaps I Have Said Too Much" hit the Amazon charts this week with a bang, reaching spot #13 within hours of its release and the reviews are smashing!

For those of you unfamiliar with moooooog, let me introduce you --Rodney Lacroix is a comedian, father of two amazing kids, reluctant 40-hour-a-week software engineer and best-selling author. In 2013, Rodney was awarded an NGI Book Awards Medal for his memoir, "Things Go Wrong for Me." This coveted medal is currently on display around his neck because that's the kind of humble guy he isRodney firmly believes that fabricating grandiose tales about one's self makes a person far more impressive. And, that's exactly what he told Playgirl Magazine when they did a 4-page nude spread of him. On second thought --it's probably best you don't believe anything Rodney says.

"It's not a lie if you believe it."

Bionic fingers, self-combusting Tiffany lamps, rubber spiders and ventriloquist dolls. Rodney has lived his life trying to fool people. Some of this is on purpose and some of this just comes naturally. But no matter what the story he spins, there is always retribution --and it is very rarely a happy ending.

Join Rodney as he walks you through hysterical stories told through the eyes of a perpetual liar. Wince at his untruths, told in the same unconventional style that won him two awards for his 2012 release, "Things Go Wrong for Me." Feel his pain. Shake your head. Learn some lessons. As usual, all of the stories contained herein are true. Or are they?

Vladimir Putin believes mooooog, but you be the judge --here's how to get your own copy. Oh, and don't forget, this book is the perfect gift for those folks on your Christmas list who have everything.....or nothing at all.



Autographed copy:


  1. If Putin believes, I believe:)

  2. I know Rodney and I know funny and Rodney is funny.

  3. Great review. I haven't read the book but your review is sending me to Amazon to take a look.

  4. This was great! I had no idea who this was. Off to Amazon.....

  5. Thank you, everyone!

    Currently, "Perhaps" is the NUMBER ONE "Hot New Release" - O_O

    I hope you love it! Please remember to add any review(s) you can!

    Thank you!!


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