Saturday, March 21, 2009

Me-Me's Playhouse

Welcome to Me-Me's Playhouse!  
Today's feature is Hidden Pictures. 
Please click this picture for a larger view to find the
fish, turtle, bird, hammer, shoe, arm and hand, woman's face, 
child's face, dog's head, fairy princess, alarm clock and umbrella
To Parent and Teacher: This feature encourages concentration, careful observation, imagination and conversation with young children as well as older persons.  
It affords many minutes of fun for the whole family. - Highlights Magazine 1946


  1. Can't tell you how many times I sat in the doctor's office and read Highlights. This is fun!

  2. I remember doing these when I was younger..boy do I miss them days...

  3. Shoe, arm, fish, umbrella...everything else is a lie.

  4. Highlights was my first magazine subscription. I'm not sure why but my copies were hardback - was that normal or was it because I was so special?

  5. I love this! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do mad libs tomorrow!

    Now lemme see

    fish, arm, woman's face (no not the obvious one.. the one in the bush) OH that sounded dirty.. moving on...
    turtle, hammer, alarm clock, my eyes are bleeding I can't find any more!

  6. @ Anonymous - Glad you had fun here, please come back again real soon.

    @ Dani C - For me too, thankfully Highlights has been a part of my family for 3 generations - I also loved Goofus and Gallant.

    @ CB Jones - LOL!

    @ Daily List - Gosh, you are special - hardback, you say?

    @ Dizzblnd - Thank YOU for stopping by. LOL, I"ll be over to see you tomorrow.

  7. I see the family, the princess, alarm clock and so forth. But.... I also see a man, cloaked in black, standing behind a tree. His eyes are bloodshot. He's pale and holding a meat cleaver. He is about to slit one of their throats. And then he does, very suddenly, with one quick swipe. There are screams! Blood, even. And then everyone settles down for a nice Sunday picnic at the park.

  8. OMG - you have hit upon my nemesis Me-Me. Dammit - I can't avoid these in the Saturday comics either, and I really hate them, but my OCD draws me in every time.

  9. @ Kelly - Gosh! Just when they thought it was safe to return to the park. Run, children, run!

    @ Venom - I hear ya...I'm the same way. But, I believe I may take it a step further. You see, I post my competed game to the frig, red circles and all, for everyone to *gasp* in amazement.

  10. I got my first migraine trying to do one of these things. Somehow I have two kids who were obsessed with Where's Waldo. I think these fellas look very mirthful on this special mirth day. (I'm another Margo, nice to meet you :)


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