Friday, March 20, 2009

Yikes! Mullet Spotting!

Say it isn’t so.  Contrary to popular belief, the Mullet is not dead, no siree.  I’ve recently come to realize there is a popular uprising in men’s desire to bring back this once popular hair-don’t from the 80’s.  I’ve had many a Mullet spotting over the past several months and it’s scary, real scary.


With its two-haircut-in-one appearance and popularity with the good times set, the mullet is occasionally referred to as having "business in the front and a party in the back." Frightening, the Mullet is more than a way of life, it’s a state of mind. Accessories for the mullet often include moustaches, wife-beater shirts, beer and sunglasses.

Listed here are several popular spotting places you will find this hideous bi-level cut.
1. WalMart
2. Alabama
3. NASCAR Races
4. CMT's My Big Fat Redneck Wedding
5. Lynyrd Skynyrd Concerts ("Freebird! Freebird!")

I say, wearing a Mullet makes any man look like a complete idiot. Get yourself to a barber and cut that stupid looking thing. By cutting your Mullet, you will instantly look less poor and way more intelligent.  No more looking like a freak of nature.


  1. OMG!!! I've seen them too. I thought it was just "one of those things". Heaven help us.

    Great site, found you on Twitter.

    Gloria C.

  2. My favorite mullet is the midget mullet, or the midimullet.

  3. Bald guys with mullets ='s skullets!

  4. @ Gloria - I'm afraid there may be no help for us. Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.

    @ Mike - I assume a midget mullet is a midget sporting a mullet?

    @ AlanTru - Skullets - I've seen them, I just never knew what they were called. Thanks for the update.

  5. They are still lurking here in Pittsburgh. In fact, it's not that they've come back, they never left.

    Occasionally, I will also spot someone wearing "the tail"-- that is, the strip of braided or unbraided hair put into a ponytail while all the other hair is short and spiky. This is, if possible, more hideous than the mullet, in my opinion.

  6. I think this post should be made into a public service announcement!

  7. ummm, I LIKE mullets, so long as the guy actually still HAS hair in the front. Am I the only chick who still likes long hair on men? (sigh)

  8. Hmmm...the only thing that looks worse than a mullet on a guy is a mullet on a woman....

  9. I think it's a cultural thing. There's Mullet culture and then there's Latte culture. Never the twain shall meet. But just imagine if they DID meet? Latte colored mullets and mullet flavored lattes. Brilliant! I'm writing to both Starbucks and Supercuts right now to make this cross-promotional bit of genius a reality! Hoo-ray!

  10. That's Big Jim. He drives a truck where I work and he'll only get his hair cut when he's driving through this little hick town about 70 miles outside the city.

    I hope you're not going to do a piece on comb-overs.

  11. I think the epicenter of Mullet nation is somewhere in the Midwest but they are everywhere. There is a new show on HBO called "Eastbound & Down" and the main character has an exceptional mullet.

  12. I see them in the store all the time on men, women and - most chillingly - children too...

  13. I see mullets pretty much anywhere I go in my small town. Aren't they hip looking? I would say half of the populace in my town are rednecks. Of course, all of them are sporting mullets and the accessories mentioned above. Even during the eighties, when mullets were supposedly in style, I thought the "style" was horrible.

  14. @ Jenn - Maybe they've just been in hiding. Regarding the "tail", there have been so many times I've wanted to snip one off and run like hell. But, with my bad knees, running is out of the question.

    @ ThinkinFYou - Glad you're on my side. Public awareness is the only way to discourage any further Mullet phenomenon.

    @ Venom - I love long hair on men. For example, Bo Bice - yeow!

    @ Dr. Jay - Would you believe I once had a Mullet? There's a bon fire tonight to destroy all the evidence.

    @ Angry Max - Splendid idea. Will I get a piece of the action for being your inspiration?

    @ Michael - How nice, you recognized someone you know. I believe the "comb-over" would make an excellent piece (no pun intended), thanks!!!

    @ Mr. Shife - I don't know where all these guys have been hiding for the past decade. But, all of the sudden, they seem to be everywhere.

    @ Ram - I honestly believe that Mullets on children are grounds for child abuse.

    @ Kelly - So, you're not a fan of the Mullet. Great! Join my army.

  15. Yet another reason I have become a fan of your blog!

    "Mullets Rule - Business in the Front, Party at the back" is my husband's fave t-shirt. I know it goes over the heads of the mullet maniacs we have on the loose around here, bless their hearts!

    My husband won this mullet contest:

    Obviously his mullet is not real but the rest are pretty scary!

    Please, please do the comb-over piece! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  16. No, I don't understand the mullet. I don't understand why men makes themselves look like gay retards on purpose.

  17. @ Fashionista - Mullet maniacs seem to be emerging on the scene more and more each day - yikes! I just don't know if this is a style that's worth re-living.

    You are too kind - I'll pop over and take a gander at your hubby's mullet. Give him my congratulations!

    @ John J Savo - Here's why. They have no sense about themselves to know they look stupid. I'm officially declaring "open season" on Mullets. Are you with me?

  18. Hey we like the mullet in fact we just back from the Contemp Salon where Orna Mentelle just trimmed ours!

  19. @ Barbra Seville - LOL, too funny! Orna Mentelle!!!

  20. Move to Georgia and go to Walmart on a Friday or Saturday night, and you'll realize the Mullet never died. Ditto for 80's Mall Rat hair and acid wash mom jeans.


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