Monday, June 29, 2009

"Caption This!" No. 8: The Winner Is.....

It's just another manic Monday.....

Here we are again, folks. It's Monday! Before I announce the "Caption This!" winner, here are today's "On This Day In History" events.

1776 - The Virginia state constitution was adopted.

1967 - Actress Jane Mansfield died at age 34.

1972 - The Supreme Court ruled the death penalty could constitute "cruel and unusual punishment".

2003 - Actress Katherine Hepburn died at age 96.

2007 - The first iPhones went on sale.

Now, let's get on with the show.....

According to The Impartial Panel of Three, this was really tough. In fact, they almost came to blows before reaching their decision. This installment's most-honorable mentions are Chris @ Maugeritaville, Moooooog, Chickenista and Wolfgang. Congratulations!

The envelope please.....

The winning caption for Me-Me's Playhouse: Caption This! No. 8 is a man that has so much time on his hands that he has not one, but two hilarious blogs. Stand up and take a bow Joel Klebanoff, you are the winning author! Please click over and visit Joel over at Stuff & Nonsense or at Shalampax for more hilarity. Joel takes home The Golden Phallus and 500 EC credits.....congratulations!!!

Thank you all for participating and I hope to see you here again!

"Does my butt make this outfit look phat?"


  1. WOW! This is an unexpected honor. I want to say a big thank you to TIPoT (The Impartial Panel of Three) and, of course, to TS M-M (The Screaming Me-Me). I'd like to thank my parents for making me possible. I'd also like to thank the loyal pleb(s) who have supported me for all these years.

    I'm kind of new to this award-winning game, so I need a little clarification. I understand that there is no charge for the award, but are there any handling fees for my Golden Phallus? And, if so, what sort of handling will my Golden Phallus receive?

    Thanks again!

  2. @Joel - Send only $237.43 (USD) and your Golden Phallus will be handled with care. Congratulations, well deserved.

  3. This looks fun, but how do you sign up?

  4. Congrats to Joel!

    Another great and fun captioning contest. They really are mucho fun.

  5. @Princess Chocolately - Drop by every Friday and leave you caption in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by!

    @Quirky - To tell you the truth, I just knew someone was going to leave your winning caption....again, "Hi we're the Dyer Boys".

  6. I came THIS close to using the Dyer Boys caption again. Maybe I should've so I wouldn't get ANOTHER FRICKIN HONORABLE MENTION!!! DAMMIT!!!

  7. Hilarious! And Chris, you chose wisely. ;-)

  8. @Chris - Awwwww, but there's always next week!!!

    @Philip - I'm sure you and Douglas are relieved. At least you didn't have argue about which one of you was wearing the cape.

  9. first time here...i like the site and the phat ass.


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