Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crazy Women Drivers!

As women, we sure take a lot of guff for our lack of driving skills. Well, in the 38 years I've been a licensed driver, I've never received a ticket. I happen to take great pride in my ability to hold a vehicle on the road. I swear, you'll never find me yakking it up on my cell phone and applying mascara while driving, I'm much too busy paying attention and driving defensively. So, I feel that these claims about women drivers are totally unwarranted.

Then I ran across this YouTube video that shows two women fighting over a parking spot. Crazy women drivers!


  1. How do you ladies walk around with all those hormones? You're just pain waiting to happen.

  2. I believe you would be the exception that proves the rule, though.

  3. Au contraire my dear Chris. I am proud to say I have never received a ticket either and I have been driving for over thirty years. Nor have I ever had an accident. Just sayin. :)

  4. Yeah, i would assume you are either super hot and the guy cops cant get past their raging hormones to write you a ticket, or you drive 35 miles an hour all the time even on the interstate. (just kidding, maybe)

  5. Wow. Was it that serious? Lol

  6. @ Douglas - You are lucky that most of us don't carry weapons.

    @ Chris - Exception? I don't think so.

    @ Etta - Atta girl!

    @ Mr. New Dilemma - You are right, I've been stopped just never ticketed.

    @ nonamedufus - Clever!

    @ myundiary - Apparently so. Remember the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" where there was a similar instance?

  7. I don't think women are bad drivers. I think they just want to kill me.

  8. I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

    Dare I admit it? I could see me doing this in the right frame of mind.


    Get me off the road!

  9. I love how the kid tried to push.

  10. This was funny - and surprising to me! All the road rage incidents I've seen have been MEN.

  11. I had 7 wrecks (3 of which resulted in totals) and about 4 traffic tickets. One of those was for driving without a license. I was 13. Oh, and all of this before my 18th birthday. And parking is a big deal? Jeez!

  12. I prefer to blame the elderly for the more offensive driving scenarios. As a public service, when I get up in years, I'll be staying home and collecting newspapers instead of menacing the streets.

  13. @ My Daily List - If I were trying to kill someone, I don't think I'd use my vehicle. :)

    @ Quirky Loon - LOL! Watch out, here comes Looney!

    @ FreakSmack - Yes, I'm sure his mom was thinking, "What a good son."

    @ suZen - I agree with you! All the manic drivers passing me at 85 mph ARE men!

    @ Don - Thanks for being a stand-up guy, but they still allow you to drive? Wow.

    @ Jason - I hear ya. Here in Phoenix, we have to watch carefully for the snowbirds armed with Cadillacs and RVs.

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