Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wacky Wednesday! - Ideas & Inventions

While watching television yesterday, I noticed a number of we-want your-inventions commercials. They promised to patent, design, develop and market your invention or ideas - send for your free inventor's kit today! Then I remembered watching Billy Mays' show, Pitchmen, where he is doing basically doing the same thing.  The one and only time I ever watched his program, he wrote a check to a guy for $150,000 that had invented the something-or-other. 

Could it be that these tenuous economic times are bringing the inventors out of the woodwork?During the Great Depression there were a number of inventions introduced, for example: the car radio, runway lighting, the chocolate chip cookie, the staple remover, the tape dispenser, nylon, teflon and polarized sunglasses.  Take a look at the video below and you'll view a number of ideas and inventions that didn't quite make it. Some are really hilarious.

Have you ever pursued having one of your ideas marketed? I have a few ideas up my sleeve and, man, could I ever use a $150,000! Now, where did I put that 1-800 number?


  1. There is nothing like good old Yankee Ingenuity is there? I think there are still "inventions" going on out there but they all seem related to cyberspace/technology rather than tool-like practical "things" people use. I'm so terrified of heights even watching that video gave me schpilkies. As for the inventions on the video - hysterical is right - but they are daVinci's all!

  2. oh im working on a device that captures squirrels, skins them, then applies bar-b-que sauce in preparation for grilling, all in one fell swoop. hoping to market it in 'canine lovers digest' and in convenience stores throughout the south.

  3. Best invention in awhile? Nail Jack nail puller!!!

  4. Yeah, I had the idea for "Mandles", candles scented for guys. Beer. New Baseball Mitt. Cut Grass. Barbecue.

    Then I found a product called "Manterns". They even damn near stole my name for them.


  5. aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh! we just hadda STOP! vertigo! yikes!

    er, thanks. :-)


  6. If god wanted us to fly he would have given us wings ... or better food on the flight ... or SOME food on the flight.

  7. @ suZen - As "they" say, "Necessity is the motherhood of invention".

    @ Nooter - Well, that would win the ingenuity award. Good luck!

    @ Axxman - Wow, thanks for the link. Surely beats the hell out of a flat bar.

    @ Chris - I'm sorry you were scooped, it's a great idea. Keep on pluggin' away, one day you're bound to have a hit.

    @ .ero - LOL! I'm the same way. I'm definitely a white knuckle flyer.

    @ Joel - Hmmmm, in first class, we're always served food. *winks*

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