Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rising To The Occasion

Look at that!

Okay, boys, that was a pretty amazing trick. We are all impressed by the amount of pressure that runs through your hoses. But while you had your hoses out, you failed to notice the blazing flames burning out of control right behind you. 


Just a reminder.....

Yes, there's still time for you to submit your captions over at Me-Me's Playhouse. Hurry, the contest ends at midnight for those seeking The Golden Phallus and 500 EC credits.


  1. Oh come on, a fire is something you can fight every day, but lifting a car off the ground with your hose? That's got to happen when it's got to happen. Wait. I think I might have got that backwards. Never mind.

    I also buy high and sell low. I tend to get stuff like that backwards.

  2. @ Joel - Ok, well, at least one of us has their priorities screwed up.

  3. Ok then - powerful hoses boys. So much for water conservation eh?

  4. @Me-Me King - That would probably be me. Screwed up priorities is one of my many character flaws. For example, I should be working right now.


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