Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh-Bone Festival

Have you ever wondered how other countries from around the world might celebrate Halloween? Well, hold on to your pumpkins because we are about to take a look at Halloween in Japan.

In Japan, Halloween is called "Matsuri" or "Urabon" (pronounced oh-bone) and, much like we celebrate the season, this Japanese custom is dedicated to the spirits of the dead. However, they celebrate during the month of July or August instead of October. Why? I dunno.

Then I was curious how Japanese trick-or-treaters would dress and was amused by the variety of costumes that were offered online. Take a look, but keep in mind, these are adult costumes.

You know, nothing says, "Happy Halloween" quite like a giant hissing cockroach. This year, I'm keeping a can of bug spray near the door...just in case a giant cockroach tries to get its creepy-crawly hands on my candy.

Or, how about a cute little giraffe? Everyone loves a giraffe. I thought this costume had an interesting design concept. Imagine, if you will, this costume in a public restroom. Weird.

This costume is perfectly suitable for Halloween everywhere. Any man wearing a banana suit is just plain spooky. Notice: This banana has a talking head! Anyone out there read Japanese?

And, what's Halloween without Monkey Man? Whether it be man or beast, if anything came to my door with balls this size...well, I'd be petrified! Oh-Bone!!!

I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at how another country celebrates Halloween. But before you go, I found a short video of an Oh-Bone Festival celebration.

Now, for your viewing pleasure.....


  1. Ring the bell all you want, I won't open my door!

  2. @ Lee - Yeah, me too. *shudders*

    @ suZen - Me either, plus I'm calling animal control.

  3. That is hilarious! What a clever idea for a post.

    Pics are worth a thousand words and it's like millions in here right now!


  4. Oh dear! I'm seriously concerned about the phallic symbolism and outright phallic display here. Are you quite sure "Matsuri" isn't short for something else? Oh-Bone!

  5. I am glad I will be spending Halloween in the US and not in Japan. And I think I might have an idea for a Halloween costume after seeing the monkey costume and the huge set of balls he is sporting.

  6. The giraffe costume looks like the guy's penis is trying to eat his head.

    Been there, done that.

  7. I don't think I WANT to know what that man's little banana is saying! ;)

  8. I had no clue Japan even had a holiday like our Halloween so this was an interesting post thanks for the visuals.

  9. that is totally hilarious! i sold some costumes similar to those when i worked at the sugar shack (an adult novelty store) it would've been cool to have these as well. LOL!

  10. I guess I had a concept of the japanese as very proper people. This is downright frightening! If I see that monkey at my door..I'm running.

  11. Giraffe boxer shorts? In this country you'd get arrested for sporting that in public! Fascinating stuff...fornicating fruit and all.

  12. Did anybody else find these costumes strangely erotic? Except the cockro....wait, the name of that one does it, too. Conclusion: Japan is weird. Thanks for the world tour and for opening our eyes, Me-Me!

  13. Wait, I just realized it's the Oh-Bone Festival. What sort of candy do they hand out? Blow Pops? Mr. Goodbars? CherryHeads, Chick-O-Sticks and Pop Rocks? That's an island filled with pervs, I tell you!

  14. Hum....seeing those Japanese students dance to Thriller was weird but that giraffe costume? It's a keeper.


  15. @ Quirky - Sure, I'm always thinkin' how I can enlighten my dear readers.

    @ CatLadyLarew - LOL! Yep, I wondered about Matsuri myself.

    @ Mr. Shife - Please don't come to my door, I'd hate to have to call animal control.

    @ kyslp - He's sure one proud monkey.

    @ mooooog - I bet you have, doesn't surprise me one bit!

    @ Lidian - Oh, c'mon....sure ya do! LOL!

    @ Jude - You are welcome, I aim to please.

    @ PJ - Ahem. Just what kind of adult novelties were you selling?

    @ Buggys - Don't let 'em fool ya. If I see that monkey, I'm calling the cops.

    @ dufus - You're a worldly guy, can you translate Japanese? I'm dying to know what that banana is saying.

    @ MikeWJ - I took you a second look, but at least you got it. LMAO!

    @ Geek Girl - I agree. In this costume any man would a hit in the men's restroom at the airport.

  16. BIZARRE! How on earth one could ever get a man to wear any of them, especially the monkey balls one, them is beyond me though. Mine wouldn't and that's for sure ... *LMAO* :D

  17. I love the Monkey balls! If he showed up at my door I'd probably have to shoot him.

  18. Wasn't the O-bon festival where Daniel-san kicked that Japanese dude's ass in Karate Kid Part II?

    Just asking.

  19. I think we know where Monkey-Man keeps the candy he collects when trick-or-treating.

  20. hee hee, that guys giraffe is named 'willy'.

  21. @ TT - To tell you the truth, I don't know of any man that would wear these costumes, but my son does. Ah, youth.

    @ Jen - I'm with you - shoot a monkey!

    @ Knucklehead - I'm not sure, but if you say so.

    @ Joel - Ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!

    @ Nooter - LOL!

  22. I'm late to the party, but I came across this page in a Google search (for what, I don't quite remember).

    "Matsuri" is a generic term for any festival, many of which dot the Japanese calendar.

    The holiday in question here is "Obon", not "Urabon", which means "illegal porn book". Big difference between probably the biggest holiday in the Japanese Buddhist calendar (similar to el Dio de los Muertos) and a masturbation aid.

    Japanese people do not dress up in costumes for Obon. They do that for Halloween, but it seems to be restricted to adults at grown-up parties.

    The "monkey" is actually a tanuki, or raccoon dog; folktales almost always depict it as having huge testicles and a very generous scrotum that can even be stretched out to outrageous dimensions (picture a picnic blanket).


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