Saturday, October 17, 2009

Variations On A Theme

No doubt, I have a lot of time on my hands. I often sit and dwell on the ridiculous. The one subject that seems to repeatedly roll around my head is the meaning of words or how their meanings came to be.

Take the word crap, for example.

According to, the origin of crap dates back to 1425 A.D. Crap was generally applied to things cast off or discarded (e.g. "weeds growing among corn"). During the 1440's, crap was the underworld's slang for "money". Then, in 1898, the word crap was first recorded to mean "rubbish, nonsense".

Modern day use of crap has become commonplace and takes on many meanings.

1. dung, feces
There's dog crap on my lawn!

2. to defecate
You're dog crapped on my lawn!

3. nonsense, lies
Stop talking crap!

4. junk, shoddy
Get your crap out of here!

As a verb, there are also phrases using crap.

1. to avoid work
Don't crap around the office!

2. to cause misery
Don't crap on me!

3. to ruin
Don't crap up my house!

4. to loose
Don't crap out!

5. to act foolishly
Cut that crap out!

6. to deceive
What a load of crap!

So, what's this all leading to? Oh, crap!

Look at this magnificent pile of crap! Thank you, Ettarose, for the prized Golden Feces Award! Wanna win your own pile of crap? Check out Etta's blog, Sanity on Edge, each Wednesday for her craption contest.

Now, for the photo and my winning caption.....

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Don't crap out and miss this week's installment of Me-Me's Playhouse: Caption This! There's still plenty of time to here.


  1. I love it! Well I guess con"crap"ulations are in order! What a funny caption you nailed it.

  2. Nice segue to the award. Congratulations.

    I bet you thought I'd try to work the work "crap" into this comment. Well, there you go.

  3. LOL! I thought crap meant Mommy.

  4. That's one huge pile of crap. Congratulations.

    Of course craps is something else entirely: a dice game. Though losers have often been heard to utter, "Oh, crap".

  5. Ah... a post on my favorite word! Concrapulations from me to Me-Me, too!

  6. @ Chickenista - Thanks! Good to see you again, thank for stopping by.

    @ Joel - Hey, just doin' my best to entertain the troops.

    @ Lee - It doesn't?

    @ dufus - That's a game I shy away from because of all the crap goin' on.

    @ CatLadyLarew - It's one of my favorites too - just a more sensitive way of sayin', "oh, shit".

  7. Auuugh God, I couldnt look at the picture you won on long enough to appreciate the caption.

    I'm leaving to go wire brush my retinas.

  8. Your post appears to be full of crap...rofl and I enjoyed it thoroughly. congratulations on the crappy award :)
    Love your caption by the way

  9. One more "crap" word you should include in the definition or examples of crap is the CAPCHA, which is really spelled CRAPcha...cuz it's a load of crap when you inadvertently wipe out everything you posted just because you mispelled a shitty capcha that wasn't even a word to bein with - henceforth- CRAPcha...

    I liked your examples; i didn't know "dont crap on me" was supposed to mean don't give me a ration; i thought it was a SAFE word for when the Golden SHower game had reached another level...LOL

  10. I always thought the word came from Sir Thomas Crapper ( but it seems this is one of those urban myths. Crap!

  11. That's crap-taculous! Congrats on your new blog decoration.

  12. I didn't give you permission to post my picture! I don't give a crap though.


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