Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Defenders Of Justice

During the month of November, Humor Bloggers Dot Com will take on all the injustice that plagues the world. Why? Because no one else cares!!

To kick off this campaign, I have made a video which features these defenders of justice - the few, the proud, the super heroes of the revolution.

As you watch, make note of these brave women and men that will do battle against injustice this month. And, please, support their efforts.


  1. You rock Margo. That's a kick-ass vid. Love it!

  2. In fact I may just draw some attention to it and you over at my place next week.

  3. Way Cool! I especially like you attention to detail in matching costumes to names.

  4. Now I'm sad I didn't sign up because I want to see what you'd do with 'Midget Man of Steel.'

    I bet it would be a short guy made of steel.

    Like a midget, but - you know - all steely.

    Nevermind. I can picture it now.

  5. @ dufus - Why, thank you.

    @ C: - Glad you like it.

    @ moooooog - Yep, you've got the picture.

  6. You really kick ass on the creativity woman! That was great!

  7. "Ooooeeh I feel SO much safer with such a fantabulous swashbuckling assemblage of super hero comics to fight against evil and injustice in this world! Thank you thank you thank you!" exclaimed The Old Silly as he wiped a tear of gratitude from his eye, "And I so look forward to seeing the exploits unfold and the victorious battles won."

    "Pretty darn good video clip there too, kiddo!"

    Marvin D Wilson

  8. Very good! You get an A+, and don't forget to put up the toilet seat when you're done.

  9. Love the song and the dufus cracked me up!!

  10. You totally nailed me!

    Wait, that sounds wrong.


  11. MeMe ignore that Old Silly! Yeesh!

    I say we rawk!

    And the injustices shall be rawking and rolling forth!

  12. I'm wearing the new cat outfit you made for me for Halloween next year! In fact, I think I'm going to wear it every time I see injustice! Quirky's right... YOU Rawk, She Rawks, We all Rawk!

    Now to go get my battle gear on to fight injustice...

  13. that devil lookin fellow looks cool ;p

  14. @ Buggys - Thank you ma'am!

    @ kys - Thanks, I had a lot of fun with it.

    @ Old Silly - Glad to know you'll sleep better at night....here's a Kleenex.

    @ Don aka Red Raider - LOL! I'll try, I loved your Depends suggesiton.

    @ Lee - We all love dufus!!!

    @ Offended Blogger - Oh, good! It's difficult to create characters of folks you've never met before. I went by blog profiles and bloggin' personality.

    @ Quirky - That's ok, I offered him a Kleenex. I appreciate the compliment!

    @ CatLadyLarew - Your character turned out really well I thought. Meow, meow!

    @ The Peach Tart - Thanks, glad you like it!!!

    @ DB aka "The Mind" - Yep, he's a cool lookin' devil. Would you like a copy of your character?

  15. I think my gerbil has never looked better...


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