Monday, November 30, 2009

Stupid Time Zones!!!

Folks, I've have finally reached my limit! Like a cartoon character, my eyes have shot out of my head and smoke is coming out of my ears. Ah-ooooo-ga!

Today is the final day of Humor Bloggers Dot Com Anti-Injustice Campaign. I had in mind exactly what I was going to write until I popped over there this morning to take a look at what the other members had posted. There it was at the top of the home page...The Last Injustice submitted by nonamedufus. Ah-ooooo-ga!

In his post, Dufus goes on-an-on about what a bunch of snot-nosed, punch line deprived brats we are. He whines how he took part in this injustice carnival as if he were the only one over there with a creative bone in his body and having the guts to participate for the entire dutifully. Get this... then he takes the easy way out, he provides links to all of his related posts for the past month. Pffffft!

I hear you out there, "Why are your panties in a wad, MeMe?" I'll tell you why. I was going to write the same damn thing. But, now if I do, I'll be tagged as a copy-cat, a post stealer or worse...just another dumb blond.

So, what's my rant? Time zones!!!

You see, Dufus lives in the eastern part of Canada and he has at least a 3 hour jump on me. For all I know, they may have some special time zone up there in the great white north that may push him 4 or 5 hours ahead of me. In fact, I believe he just might write his posts the day before and schedules them to appear at 4:00 or 5:00 AM his time. That's 1:00 or 2:00 AM my time. Oh, the injustice!

Now, this has really got my brain turning this morning, not to mention having to stick my eye balls back into their sockets. And, all of this, without a full cup of coffee. I will not get up right after I've gone to bed just so I can beat everyone else to the punch. Time zones or not, I will not be scooped again!!! I will work smarter not harder.

Yeah you, Mr. Canadian bacon eating, smarty pants, humur-huggy blogger, you'll have to get up mighty early to scoop me again. My idea for the first 26 days of December is to present a letter of the alphabet each day - I'm calling this series The Fractured ABC's of Christmas. Scoop that!!!


  1. Canadians move faster. We have to in order to keep warm.

  2. @ Joel - We move slower here in the desert due to the heat. Hmmmmm.

  3. I had to read that first paragraph 2x 'cause I wasn't sure which end the smoke was coming out of. I think I'm only two hours ahead of you vis-a-vis times zones - otherwise I'm way ahead of ya! Ditto what Joel says...and 'cause we have to dodge the snowflakes.

    Unjust? Hey, it's like the blonde in the bikini said: "Life's a beach and then you dye."

  4. Nothing like a good "fight" to begin the week. Makes me feel I'm living with my sister again.

  5. @ Dufus - Ok, so maybe I am blowing smoke out my ass....but, at least I came up with something for the next 26 days as a result. I guess I should be thanking you.

    Thank you, Dufus!!!

    @ Lee - Uh, huh, oh yeah. I'm doin' the bloggin' dance.

    @ Don - Fight, hell. I came, I saw, I conquered!

  6. Ha! You tell 'em GF! Time zones suck for me too!

    BTW, did you scoop VE's ABC themes?

    Just kidding! hee hee hee


  7. @ Quriky - Don't tell me....really? Arrrrrgh!

  8. Time zones don't matter.

    I live on the east coast and do less in those three hours than you probably do all day.

    Productivity isn't my strong suit.

  9. Does this mean we're at war with Canada?

  10. I was going to say the war with Canada thing too. Really.

    I love a good smack down and what a great time of the year for one. Forget all that peace and joy crap, put up your dukes guys.

    Ah, the ABC thing is being done to death these days.

    You could write a post each day about using up turkey leftovers, or gifts that suck. Or you could go soft and write warm fuzzy things about the Holidays.

  11. @ moooooog - huh? Are you saying I do less in one day than you do in 3 hours?

    @ kys - Well, we might as well be.

  12. @ Jen - Good grief, can I get a friggin' break? I've never seen the ABC's of anything. Until Quirky mentioned it, I didn't know VE was doing that. Crap, crap, crap!!!

    Is their anything to blog about that hasn't already been blogged 10 times over?

    Now I have to stay up all night thinking until I think of the perfect scheme, I mean theme.

  13. just stopping by to offer my support. Men, dam them anyway. :)

  14. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to scoop Dufus... even if you're in the same time zone. I confess I didn't do as well as Dufus did this month. What an injustice!
    But, I like the theme idea of the "gifts that sucked and kept on sucking!"

  15. You gotta get up pretty early (or is it stay up pretty late?) to get the jump on No Name Doufous.

  16. I love your rant and no, there isn't anything original out there - ANYWHERE. Look at Hollywood. All they do is redo the same stories...

    Well, maybe it's not quite that bad. I say you do the ABCs. There are a lot of words out there so there should be plenty to choose from.

  17. @ Ann - Thank you! I appreciate your support!

    @ Cat Lady - I know, it's a real challenge. Hmmm, thanks for the suggestion, definitely worth considering.

    @ Knucklehead - (sigh) Okay, okay, I get it, but that won't stop me from trying.

    @ Geek Girl - Thank you for the encouragement - I believe I will do my ABC's my way - no matter how many people I alienate!


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