Saturday, January 9, 2010

Caption This! No. 26 Winner!

Yesterday was pretty weird here around my place. Just minutes after I published yesterday's post, the cable went out. In my household I "bundle" with a cable company which provides my telephone, internet and television. The first couple of hours I was picking up the phone, checking the TV and looking for an internet connection every 5 minutes. Nothing, zip, nada. It was so quiet here, it was freaky. During the night as I slept, the service was restored.

This is my inbox was an email from the cable company alerting me there had been a cable cut in my neighborhood and they are working diligently to restore service. Huh? Thanks cable company, I appreciate you letting me know at a time when it was impossible to receive your email. Morons! At least you could have called. *smirk*

Anyway, on with the show.....

Wow, thank you all very much for playing this week's edition of Caption This! I see we had some first-time players this week - welcome, hope to see you here again next week as well.

The Panel has made their decision. But, before we get to the winning caption, we have a few most-honorable mentions to announce. The following have received a nod:

Freak Smack had a couple of great submissions, one being
♫ Oh, I wish I were an Os-car Meyer Wie - ner
That is what I'd tru-ly like to be
'cause if I were an Os-car Mey-er Wie - ner
I wouldn't have this dick in me. ♫

Mr. Knucklehead said:
"This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, and THIS little piggy took it in the rump from a cross-dressing geezer. All the way home. "

Lauren said:
"The Divine Miss Swine gets porked by Grandpa Fancy Panties."

C: said:
"Oh, Ha-ha, Asshole! I got yer "Makin' Bacon" right here!"

We have a wiener, I mean, a winner.....

As you can see, The Panel's decision was not an easy one this week. Our winner is new to our little contest and our congratulations goes to....Fragrant Liar. Wooo-hooo! Her caption was simple and to the point. You really must visit her and follow today...her blog is A Grin Cheese on Wry with a Side of ROFLMAO. Here's to you, Fragrant Liar, you take home The Golden Phallus. Display it proudly, show the world you are one bad-ass!

Now, the winning caption.....

Pork you very much!

bedee-bedee-bedee, That's all folks.....


  1. Congrats, Fragrant Liar!!

    As one of the newbie, I'll definitely will be back!!!

  2. That guy is sooooo gross!!! I hope he died of swine flu, or goo, after that picture was taken.

  3. Congrats, Fragrant Liar!

    Am I the only 1 who looks at this guy and sees Mr. Roper from Threes Company? It's no wonder Mrs. Roper was always left wanting.

  4. Oh that was a great caption!

    My synapses were shooting blanks that day! I didn't even try.

    But mucho congrats to Fragrant Liar!

  5. HEY! Thanks a bunch! And I was up against so many great captions. Wow, maybe I should think about making caption-writing a career. Who needs those stinkin' novels!

    It was fun, and I will post my achievement, since it may be the only one I make all year.

  6. P.S. That guy does look like Mr. Roper.

  7. Great job FL!!! I need to do some of these!!

  8. Definitely the winning choice!

  9. Congrats to Fragrant Liar! OMG, it IS Mr. Roper! Eeeeeuuwwww.

  10. I'm stunned. I always thought pigs were too smart to allow there to be photographic evidence.

  11. Sigh. Always the bridesmaid...


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