Saturday, January 30, 2010

Caption This! No. 29 Winner!

Wooo-hooo! Or should I say, Mooo-Mooo! When I put this week's photo up I honestly thought there would be no way you all could top yourselves over last week's captions. Man, I was wrong. You people are freakin' hilarious!

The Panel
has given many a nod this week to those receiving a most-honorable mention. Give a round of applause to:

Cat Lady Larew said:
"Is that your udder, or are you just REALLY glad to see me?"

Nooter said:
"Uncle henrys latest obsession is to become the mascot for dell computers."

Mrs. Blogalot said:
"I got something them cow tippers ain't never gonna ferget."

Tgoette said:
"Sure we all know the happy cows from California and the miserable cows from Wisconsin, but little was known about the wild militia cows from Montana."

C: said:
"Charlie "Holstein" MacGuernsey, veteran of the viscous "Vegan Rebellion of 2014," poses amidst his plunder for the media."

Now, the winner.....

This blogger is no stranger to Me-Me's Playhouse: Caption This! In fact, this is the 3rd time The Panel has awarded The Golden Phallus to Freak Smack. Can you say 3-peat? Congratulations Freak Smack!!!

You all really must visit his blog, Smack A Freak. I go there all the time to take a peak of all the criminal mug shots he posts. For some reason, he seems to post quite a few from Maricopa County, which is scary, that's where I live. Now, go on over and check him out.

The winning caption.....

"I'll be DAMNED if I'm just going to sit back and watch
as aliens anal probe me and my herd again!"

Thank you all for playing! Be sure to drop back by on Wednesday for another edition of Caption This!


  1. What? I thought you and I were the ONLY Arizonan bloggers in the whole wide world!

    Congrats to LeFreakSmack! Can I call you LeFreak?

    Say chic.


  2. ha, ha, congrats to Freak Smack. Well done. He milked it for all it's worth.

  3. That was great. Congratulations Freak Smack.

  4. LOL! Great! Congrats to the winner on the hat trick!

  5. Way to go, Freak! Can't wait for you to make a mug shot out of this guy!

  6. Awesome quote! Congrats!!

    Thanks for the mention!!! (-:

  7. Thank you, unfortunately FreakSmack couldn't be here to accept this award in person today, so we have good friend of FreakSmack Barack 'Em Rack Obama who would like to say a few words.
    Warning NSFW (Language)

    You were warned!

  8. Congrats to all you funny people!

  9. They were all pretty terrific entries!

  10. Congrats FreakSmack! Like I always say, "Say no to anal probes!" Thanks for the mention, Me-Me!

  11. I thought FreakSmack might win this one, and I was right. Now if I was also funny. Congrats Mr. FreakSmack!

  12. HAHA. They were all funny. Congrats, Freak Smack.


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