Thursday, January 14, 2010

Web Redemption

Do you all remember that kid David who went to the dentist last year? Remember how his dad video taped the effects the drugs had? "Is this real life?" If you never saw this viral video, I posted it last February and you can see it here.

Well, last night on Comedy Central's Tosh.O, David got his revenge. For those of you who have never watched Tosh.O's program, you are really missing some great comedy. This guy is freakin' hilarious, he says what everyone is really thinking. Check your local listings or you can visit his blog here.

Anyway, take a couple of minutes to watch, this is funny as hell! UPDATE: If you live in Canada, you won't be able to view this video. Sorry, you're S.O.L.

David After 'David After Dentist'
Web Redemption2 Girls, 1 Cup ReactionDemi Moore Picture

By the way, if you haven't entered your caption for this week's Caption This!, you can do so here.


  1. It's not easy being Canadian. For me, the embedded video just says, "In Canada, Comedy Central Videos are available on The Comedy Network".

    When I go to The Comedy Network and search for "Tosh.O" it shows episoded by episode number. Adding "David dentist" to the search doesn't help.

    Which is a long way of saying, no comment.

  2. @ Joel - Sorry, I guess being Canadian has its drawbacks. Thanks for letting me know, I updated my post with this info so the whole country of Canada is now advised.

  3. That's hilarious. I've never seen the show,but I do remember that video well. I kept thinking "why not me, why not me?"

  4. That is hilarious! Now lets see how many people complain that they made a joke about a boy shooting his father down!


    I still laughed...lots!

  5. What a good laugh, and, yes, I'm sure people will be whining about the boy "shooting" his father down.

  6. I'll have to check out the show.

    Why do I want to say toosh?

  7. @ Don - Yeah, I remember doing acid and asking those same questions?

    @ Lee - Makes you wanna take your kids to the dentist. Admit it.

    @ Quirky - You're up late most nights, try to catch Tosh.O's show, I know you'll love it.

  8. @ Buggys - Yes, they probably will. But, hey, Karma's a bitch!

    @ Geek Girl - Well, Tosh.O does have a swimmer's body and probably has a real nice tooshy. All tight, round and....oops.

  9. This isn't available in the UK but I think I might have seen this one. Made me think the parents were kind of evil!

    Kate xx

  10. I'd love to post a comment but like Joel I'm a blind Canadian.

  11. @ Kate - I dunno, over 47 million hits can't be wrong.

    @ Dufus - Here's a preview of the clip I found on YouTube....

  12. Hi Me-Me. First time here.

    I like the first video better. "You have four eyes!" haha. That kid was high... and popular for that matter. Just look at this (47,787,104 views). Jesus Christ! lol

  13. Now THAT. Was. Hysterical! LOL - hey, payback's a mutha! hmm?

    The Old Silly

  14. @ Rhyen - Welcome! I'll be sure to pop over to your place later today. Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Marvin - You got that right! I'm still waiting for my paybacks I deserve from my son. Oh, boy.

  15. LOLOLOL. The irony is palpable.

    Now I have to show this to my 8 year old!!

    (where is this show...? Just comedy central?)

  16. Hilarious. Good for David! Most of his clips are funny as hell. I watch Tosh.0 every chance I get.

  17. HAHA that was hilarious. Loved the way, David's Dad fell from the sky. Hope he's not broken any teeth or he will have to visit the Dentist.
    And this time it would be, "David's Dad after the Dentist"

  18. Too funny! I've "accidently" been on Youtube for days - amazing place! haha

  19. I just now saw this video for the first time
    I am now dying to see his revenge! Going to check it out

  20. I stopped by to see who won the caption contest. today Friday? Have I lost a day somewhere?

  21. So funny! I've never seen this show before.


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