Monday, February 1, 2010

Me-Me's Neighborhood No. 5

Ohhhhh, who are the people in your neighborhood?

Today's featured neighbor is no stranger to most of you. However, there may be some of you who have never visited her before. Regardless, please drop by her place today for a visit and make her feel welcomed. And, be sure to drop her a note and "follow" her, it's the neighborly thing to do.

I would like you all to know Cat Lady Larew. Now, she's no ordinary cat lady. There's something very unique about her...she has no cats. That's right, no cats. Her blog, How to Become a Cat Lady...Without the Cats has been an absolute favorite of mine over the past several months. She absolutely cracks me up! Talk about a quick wit, even the comments she leaves around the blogosphere are hilarious. If you don't believe me, pop over and read a recent post of hers, Felt and Impressions of Tuva, where she had everyone going, including myself.

Here's a little something from her profile to give you an idea of what you could be missing:

One day I woke up and discovered I had become a cat lady... just without the cats. Like a crazy cat lady's house, my brain is a cluttered jumble of thoughts, ideas and memories. I write to sort through some of the clutter in my brain. Oh, yeah... and to get attention!

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

Also, Cat Lady Larew is one fierce competitor. You'll see her around during the week submitting to and winning caption contests. No, she hasn't won The Golden Phallus yet, but she's usually a recipient of a most-honorable mention. However, with her perseverance, I'm sure she's just a contest or two away from taking home the coveted prize.

Now, here's a something I've not done before in this series. Yesterday I received the "Happy 101" award from my dear, dear friend Quirky. Quirkyloon is also a great neighbor and friend of Cat Lady's. Anyway, I would love to pass this award along to Cat Lady Larew, because she's a "cupcake" of a gal. No doubt about it, she's the real deal, a true blue follower of many, many blogs. Here's to you, Cat Lady Larew....thank you for being such a great neighbor!!!

So, grab a Diet Dr. Pepper and head on over to How to Become a Cat Lady...Without the Cats, settle in for a good laugh and show her some bloggy love by welcoming her to your neighborhood.


  1. Hey Jen! Ah yes, dear CatLady Larew. Crazy as a sackload of badgers, and just as dangerous to play poker against. We both salute her! Indigo

  2. I meow to the Catlady!

    And thanks for the shout-out!

  3. Cat Lady, or CL as I like to call her, is one funny lady and a regular as make my daily rounds across the interwebs. Nice choice, Me-Me. And congrats on the cupcake. Chocolate?

  4. Yay! Cupcakes! And new friends! Thank You, Thank You for such a warm welcome to the neighborhood, Me-Me!

    But my dear Mr. Roth... crazy as a sackload of badgers? Imagine what a sackload of badgers would do to a sackload of kitties? Badgers for the win!

  5. The Cat Lady is one of my favorites. Her comments are always hilarious.

  6. @ Lee - Don't we all!!!

    @ Indigo - Now, I may have multiple personalities, but "Jen" is a character I'm not aware of being.....yet! ;)

    @ Quirky - And thank you for the delicious award - you're the best!

    @ Dufus - Thanks, Dufus. I love reading her comments over at your place too.

    @ Cat Lady - You are most welcome, it was truly my pleasure. Salute!

    @ Jen - Aren't they, I really enjoy reading them as I make my rounds.

  7. I think she's stalking me.

    Don't tell her. I kind of like it.

  8. Cat and I love the CatLady!

    She's nutty, just like me.

    Congrats on the cupcakes. I shall now take a bite out of you.

  9. Cool! I will go check her out right now!

  10. @ moooooog - I know she's stalking me and I love it!

    @ Geek Girl - I love, you love, we all love Cat Lady!

    Yikes!!! *I'm running as fast as I can on my stubby little cupcake legs.*

    @ Christiejolu - Cat Lady is a riot, you will love her!

  11. Oh good grief, my life needs a rewind button. And a volume control. I'm sorry.

  12. LOVE the Cat Lady's blog. Sweet of you to do these shout outs, Margo.

    The Old Silly

  13. Thanks for the tip! I really DO hafta get out more!

  14. bahaha. I was already drinking my DDP as I read this. Spooky.

    I've seen Cat Lady around in commentville and have been meaning to check her out. From her description I think we could be best friends. I hope that doesn't frighten her.

  15. I don't have any dr. pepper but I'll stop by and visit the cat lady anyway

  16. Cat Lady is beyond funny! Nice neighborhood.

  17. There are few people who are as cool as the cat lady! Funny, kind, and always interesting! Just give her a Dr. Pepper and watch her go! LOL

  18. She's relatively new to me but I really like her!

  19. AW... stop it you guys! You are too kind. (And now I'll have to try to live up to the reputation I apparently have!)

  20. Looks like this would be the only blog where my Dog is not invited to read with me... LOL
    That can create a situation...:)
    Here I come..... Whoosh

    Congrats for the award Me-Me

  21. I will definitely check that out -as I am a cat person. Plus, you said it was humorous so I'm on the way.

  22. You've got such a cool neighborhood.

  23. Just the little bit I've read, I'll have to check out her blog. Thanks for a tip, and what a great plog. You are a GOOD friend, Me Me!


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