Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Only Rock 'N Roll

Why are we given 1400 watts of power if we can't really use them? I'm talking about sound, pure. stereo. sound. So, what gives? It's not as if I intend to break the sound barrier, I just want to be able to feel the music. It's kind of like the speedometer on our vehicles which reads 120 mph, but the max we are supposed to use is 75 mph. Excuse me, my vehicle really doesn't reach cruising speed until I hit 80 mph. The same goes for my stereo. I can't even begin to feel the music until I crank it up to number '5' on the volume dial.

Since I have been feeling much better, yesterday I decided it was time to "kick out the jams". I made my selections, pushed back the furniture and was ready to get my groove on. As the music began,I began to twirl. Screw you Wii Fit, this is way more fun.

While listening (and dancing) to the music of the Grateful Dead, mid-twirl I saw the neighbor walking across my lawn. I thought, "Uh oh, I'm in trouble now." I quickly turned the music down and waited for the doorbell to ring. Waiting, waiting.....nothing. After a couple of minutes I returned to my dance party and even managed to work up a sweat. Was this a result of the last of my flu symptoms or was I actually getting a good work out? Regardless, I was sweaty. Then I caught another glimpse of my neighbor, again, heading my way. This time, after turning down the music again, I met him at the door.

Neighbor: "Is that your music blaring?"

Me: (Not wanting to cop to anything) "Possibly."

Neighbor: "Well, if you don't mind turning it down a notch or two, I have company."

Me: "Okay, sorry."

Neighbor: (Turning to leave) Are you okay? "You don't look so good."

Me: (Wanting to say, "Screw you, you buzz killer.") "I'm fine, I'm just getting over the flu."

Neighbor: "Oh, okay. Thanks for turning down your stereo."

Me: "Yeah."

It's not like I was rattling the windows to begin with, but I did keep it down to a dull roar because I'm like that. After an hour or so, it was time for me to hit the shower. I got into my favorite pajamas, heated up some leftover soup and settled in to watch the finale of The Bachelor. Who would Jake pick? The sweet Tenely or the spicy Vienna?

About a half-hour into the show, I heard an irritable noise coming from that same neighbor's back yard. I grabbed the remote and turned down the sound on my TV. What the fuck is that noise? I listened a little closer.....he was running his table saw.....rolls eyes.

Oh, good grief, talk about one loud and annoying sound. Was this his way of getting back at me? Who knows. The noise from the table saw was intermittent for about an hour. Hmmm, the same amount of time I played my music. Whatever, good neighbor, knock yourself out.

Will I rock out again today? Probably. But, hey, it's only rock 'n roll and I like it!


  1. If it's too loud, you're too old. That's my motto.

  2. I agree with the comment above! I loved this post! I do this all the time. My kids yell at me "Mom turn it down!" Even funnier, my nephew was here and I heard him playing AIC in his room I knocked on the door and asked him to turn it up. He looked at me like I was insane.

    Kick out the jams mother f'er! Loved that part, even though you left the mother....out. I hear that song in my head now!

  3. @ Knucklehead - Hear, hear!

    @ Christiejolu - LOL! I didn't think anyone would get it...should have known you would have. As for the ear-worm, you're welcome.

  4. Your neighbor could have it worse, he could live next to me ;-)

    I would have been listening to Motorhead! . He would have liked that ;-)

  5. @ mac - I was thinking of listening to Anthrax today - take that Mr. Buzz Kill!

  6. Yeah I agree, you know you're getting old when you start complaining about loud music. That and when you add "Damn Kids" to the complaint(-:

  7. I say RAWK it woman! And RAWK it hard AND LOUD!

    (damn neighbors!)

    hee hee

  8. @ Mrsblogalot - I hear ya. Fortunately, I haven't reached that point and hope that I never will.

    @ Quirky - Oh, I will. Wait until he gets a load of today's selections. hee, hee, hee.

  9. You need to turn up the volume on your posts - I can barely hear them. 15 years on the road as a young Hippie playin' R&R with my guitar amp that went all the way up to 11, ya know ...

    The Old Silly

  10. @ Ol' Deaf Rock 'n Roller Marv - What was that?

  11. Were all your windows and doors open?

    I'm so lucky my neighbors rock out as much as we do and they only use the table saw, chain saw, other power tools until 5pm when it's beer drinking time.

  12. @ Jen - Well, the back door was opened and there is an 8' block wall within 25' of the door. I guess that wall bounced the sound right over to his place. Oops!

  13. My neighbors don't come near my house anymore ever since "The Paintball Incident!"

    Yeah, I'm afraid I'm "that guy" on my block. But Damn It! I can rock myself deaf if I choose to!

  14. I agree with Chris, damn what time of day was it, that you had to turn down your music? Besides stereos do not become officially loud until you hit 9 on your volume dial. Pure and simple. I do wish I had a camera to get a few pics of you dancing around and working up a sweat. Glad your feeling better, sucks when you sick.

  15. Kick Out The Jams by the MC5 - I have that album. And you're reliving your past. Remember that famous quote from Rolling Stone (I think it was)? "Put on the Dead and spread" - hey, it was the 60s. As for volume, I have had to gradually increase it over the years. I damaged my ears from cranking up the headphones from my years in radio in the late 70s/early 80s. Rock on Me-Me.

  16. I say have fun as long as its during the day! I'd only complain if it was nightime and I had a sleeping child. Nosy neighbors!

  17. Too bad you don't live next door to me. You could have a competition with my husband to see who could get theirs the loudest. He has speakers that he puts out on the deck in the summer and at night I have to remind him that it's a little loud out there....lol

  18. Oh screw his company! Around here the cops won't even listen to a loud music complaint unless it's after 9 or 10 pm. And then, they'll probably ignore it until a few people start calling! LOL.
    So funny that you mentioned Anthrax because that was going to be my choice for blaring. Great minds think alike! :)

  19. Play it louder this next time!

  20. I had a neighbor complain one time that I was mowing my lawn at 10 am on Sunday! People suck!

  21. Next time, tell your neighbor to fuck off for me. Also, here's an idea: Take a fast ride in your, turn the stereo up as loud as want, and cruise until you hit Vegas, baby!

    P.S. -- Have you ever noticed that music and fast cars seem much better after you've had the flu? I have....

  22. I think you should have gone over with a few beers. It might have been fun watching his fingers fly afterwards.

    Hee Hee.

    EVIL TWIN! Get back here!

  23. Shoulda told that geezer you were busing kicking out jams the muthafucker! Hey doll!
    turn it up louder and the MC5 would approve!




  25. @ C: - Guess what? I had a paintball incident in my neighbor. I guess that makes me "That Girl".

    @ Glenn - No pictures, please!

    @ Dufus - MC5 still kicks out the muthafuckin' jams!!! Great album from those Detroit City guys.

    @ Amy LK - I agree, it was the middle of the afternoon which leads me to wonder, why wasn't he at work?

    @ Ann - Is that a challenge? Bring it on, tell Wade I'm going to make my house the right channel and the garage the left channel.

    @ Collette - Yeah, I agree. They have a "party" ordinance here with a warning the first time, but if they have to return withing the next 90 days, it's a $1000 fine. Screw that!

    @ Hot Flash Queen - Oh, I intend to, every single day. How dare he interfere with my "me time".

    @ Otin - Yep, people do suck. Fuck 'em!

    @ MikeWJ - Will do!!! Fast cars and music go together like pizza and beer and sex and a cigarette.

    @ Geek Girl - I'm beginning to love your EVIL twin. LOL!

    @ Dennis Thompson - Well, lookie here, speak of the devil. I couldn't resist stealing your line....thanks! Looks like a few here are also fans of MC5.

    @ RetroKimmer - You bet he does, great tune!

  26. I remember having neighbors scream and yell at each other below me. Then the stereo would start blasting. After ten at night. When I had to get up for work the next day. So I took my speakers and put them face down on the floor and cranked RUSH as loud as I could. It was the craziest, loudest thing I could find. Score.

  27. Your neighbor sounds like quite the petty lil' asshole for running that table saw at night. apparently he's not a fan of good music.

    Grateful Dead... Good Choice! I was listening to them in the gym the other day. They will keep ya chuggin' along! Reference to "Casey Jones"... get it? Heh. Subtlety.

    I'm friggin' hilarious.

  28. A table saw after 8:00 at night. Ooohhh, that's subtlety for ya! Smooth.

  29. @ Katherine - LOL! Atta girl!

    @ Kelly - Drivin' that train, high on cocaine, Casey Jones you better watch your speed.....thanks for the ear-worm, man.

    @ Buggys - Yep, lol, I thought so too.

  30. Love the Grateful Dead. Your neighbor just doesn't have good taste in music. Although he sounds obnoxious, at least he didn't bring the saw with him to the door.

  31. Bustin' a move to the Grateful Dead is the best thing for coping with the post flu blues. Tell your neighbor that you have a prescription.

  32. @ Lauren - Oh god, The Phoenix Table Saw Massacre!

    @ Leeuna - Perfect! Now why didn't I think of that? Next time.

  33. You'll be having a war of noise with your neighbor! You need to one up with table saw. Perhaps you could scream repeatedly???

  34. I don't know if it would be better that he was getting back at you? Or better that he's just needs the stupid knocked out of him for realizing his noise is no worse than your noise. Next time you see him headed for the door, start moaning real loud, like you're... you know. Doing that. That should send him scurrying. Or peeping. Not sure what kind of dude he is.

  35. That's why I hate having neighbors!!


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