Saturday, April 4, 2009


From Germany, World Domino Day 2008.  

This was the 10th Anniversary for World Domino Day last May where a new world record was set for the number of dominoes used in a set - 4,345,027. 

Preparations for this incredible show took a professional team of 15 designers and engineers 8 months. After that, 90 builders, managed by a professional team of 25, took 2 months to set up the dominoes.


  1. We now have photographic evidence that the track team from the Netherlands is slower than falling dominoes.

  2. Nine workers died while this impressive contraption was in production.

  3. ... but the important thing is that no animals were harmed.

  4. @ My Daily List - LOL! I suppose they are!

    @ C.B. Jones - May they R.I.P.

    @ Michael - Exactly!


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