Monday, May 25, 2009

"Caption This" No. 3: The Winner Is.....

Okay, I know, I'm a week behind. And, I apologize; but, honestly, I've really been busy. There were just too many damned rattlesnakes out at the ranch for me to deal with and I rather not spend the next six months indoors waiting for their migration to their den for winter. So, I bit the bullet and moved back to the urban sprawl of the Valley of the Sun. Not that I'm all that happy about it, but what's a girl to do?

"The Impartial Panel of Three" really had a tough time deciding this edition of Me-Me's Playhouse: "Caption This" No. 3 due to the overwhelming response. Right at 42 clever captions were submitted for this edition's photo. Thanks to all of you for your participation. Now, several of your captions definitely made an impression on the panel and have received a most-honorable mention, they are: Chris, Mike, Chelle, CarsonB and The Dyer Boys - congrats!

The envelope please.....

The author of the winning caption is moooooog35 over at Mental Poo. Congratulations moooooog, well done. Moooooog takes home the coveted Golden Phallus and 500 EC credits.  Please stop by moooooog's place and give his blog a read, I'm sure you'll find it interesting and entertaining.

".....and the life of a serial killer begins." 

Be sure to check back this Friday for another installment of Me-Me's Playhouse: "Caption This". Like moooooog, you could also be taking home The Golden Phallus along with 500 EC credits!


  1. Exactly one (1) rattlesnake would be enough to send me packing.

  2. certainly deserves the prize: short, appropriate, AND funny!

    good choice. kudos to Mental Poo. :-)

  3. moooooo35 is certainly worthy. I've heard he could really use that phallus too. Congrats to moooooog.

  4. Okay, an Honorable Mention. I'm working my way up to the big podium.

  5. Congrats Moooooog!!! (was that enough o's?)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. yay for me!!

    Thanks! It was well deserved.

    Pompous...thy name is Moooooog.


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