Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wacky Wednesday! - Bumper Madness

Well, lookie what I found. Yeah, I know it's been a while since I've given you the chance to create something. But what prompted me to do this in the first place was the car I was behind in traffic yesterday. During the time we sat at a stop light, I counted 37 bumper stickers.

I'm tellin' you, I don't know if this guy was covering up a bad paint job or if the bumper stickers were actually holding his '91 Dodge mini-van together. Maybe he's one of those activist types or it could be that he's just pissed off. My favorites from his collection were, "Horn Don't Work, Watch For Finger" and "Jesus is coming.....look busy".

Not to feel left out, when I arrived back at the hacienda, I decided to create my own bumper stickers. I went over to RedKid for a generator and here are a few ideas I've come up with so far. I'd be interested to know if you have any clever stickers on your vehicle or any ideas for me. Thanks!

Click here for this generator.


  1. Honk if you're a total idiot....I knew it

    Honk if you agree that killing Dr. Phil would be justifiable homicide

    Scream out the window if your piece of shit beater lacks a working horn

    Honk all you want...I'm not paying attention

  2. honk if youre a goose
    ha ha ha ha!

  3. Honk repeatedly if you enjoy annoying the hell out of everyone around you.

  4. The last one is, hands down, my absolute favorite!

  5. My ex-wife has that second bumper sticker on her car right now. Except with the word "don't" in it.

  6. I may have to go for the oxycontin one. Cool. Not on my car, but cool anyway. Nice job. Oh, and the Dyer's deserve their own for sure. Good guys...

  7. When you say "brake", do you happen to mean "show boobies on demand"? No? Worth asking anyway.

  8. Send me a text, don't honk!

    Not currently working - except for my middle finger

  9. "Horn may not work...but my finger does"

    "Honk for Moobs"

    "Been there, done that, already wrote the sequel"

    "I brake for cucumbers" - of course that ones only for

  10. Man, the Dyers are just gonna rip you apart, I can feel it.

  11. i used to have one that said:

    if you're going to ride my ass at least pull my hair


  12. I see you are doing damage control with the Dyer Boys...I've done mine.

    Let's hope together we can get through this unscathed!

    heh heh

  13. @ surveygirl - I love "Honk all you want...I'm not paying attention.

    @ Nooter - Arf, arf!

    @ Joel - Oh, honking is annoying?

    @ Mom's Fortress - Ain't it the truth..... those cell yakking people drive me nuts.

    @ Philip Dyer - Oops! Run, Philip, run!!!

    @ Don - I guess yours would read I (heart) Loratab.

    @ Douglas Dyer - Sure! Catch me, catch me if you can.

    @ suZen - Text, honk or flip me the bird, I don't care.

    @ Nipsy - These are all good. Have you tried the generator?

    @ Chris - Ya think? Wow, I thought I was just giving a nice plug for their know, like stop and read.

    Don't think they're buying it, huh?

    @ PJ - Perfect!!! I'm so making this one.

    @ Quirky - Well, at least we are trying. Don't know if they are buying it though. :)

  14. I really like the last one.

  15. @ Da Old Man - Me too, it's definitely my favorite!


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