Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Fractured ABC's Of Christmas - F

F is for Funk
Jazz and Rock 'n Roll
Without music
There'd be no Soul

Today's playlist features several artists who have brought to the world such great music over the past decades. There's a blog a friend of mine has dedicated to such artists - dufusdownbeat. If you are a lover of the beats, check out Dufus' blog which primarily covers music of the 60's and 70's. Full of obscure facts and fun videos, I'm sure every music lover will enjoy the selections he features each week.

Continue to listen as you surf today - it's truly good for the soul.


  1. Hey, this week's off to a better start between us than last week! ;) Thanks for the great shout-out. Rock on and have a great week. (That Pretenders track is a favourite of mine.)

  2. @ Dufus - You are welcome. I feel your music blog is certainly deserving of a shout-out.

    Are you buying this?

  3. I LOVE Christmas Canon one of my faves! And right on sistah! No music, no soul! Um, do eyes deceive me?

    Are those nipples on the right side of your screen?



    hee hee

  4. New stalker here! And holy hell..we're both Arizonans! Love it..

  5. Oh ya..forgot to mention..came over from the awesome Lee's..The Hot Flash Queen herself!

  6. I am so glad I came back again! I Love TSO and some of those songs are favorites of mine during this time of year!

    I second you need music for your soul yup yup!

  7. The Pretenders and Jethro Tull bring back some good times. I was enjoying the rift between you and nonamedufus. Sorry to see y'all are being civil now.

  8. Me-Me: Well of course I'm buying it.

    Don: Dunno what's going on. She blows hot and cold. Women!

  9. You know, this series is destined to go down in history as a classic. MUCH better than the "Twleve Days of Christmas"!

    The Old Silly

  10. @ Quirky - Right on. And, yes, I believe those are nipples. I gotta keep the guys coming back, the are real suckers for naked breasts. (No pun intended.)

    @ Desert Rose - Greetings! Nice to meet a fellow Arizonan. Quirky is also from AZ. Thanks for stopping by, the Queen rules!!!

    @ Angel - Welcome back! Glad you liked today's playlist, I promise more good tunes to come.

    @ Don - Oh, it's not over, not by a long shot. I'm just luring him back into my web.

    @ Dufus - Oh, good. My plan is working!

    @ Marvin - Thank you kind sir. I appreciate the compliment.

  11. Hi MeMe! I watched the Monty Python video - hysterical~but I didn't see a play list - ok, so I'm out of the loop as usual?

  12. Yeah, Baby! Great stuff. I love Christmas Canon. I'm listening!

  13. @ suZen - I'm glad you enjoyed Monty Python, but I'm sorry the playlist didn't load for you - maybe you should try again.

    @ Geek Girl - Are you doing the chair dance? Get down, get down!

  14. music truly is good for ze soul

  15. Huh. I would have gone a TOTALLY different way with 'f.'

  16. @ mooooog - Yeah, I considered "fuckwad".

  17. Ah-ha, I found the post. I guess I was having a senior's moment. I'd totally forgotten your playlist when I chose my 7 fave christmas rock songs on dufusdownbeat. Sorry Me-Me. I guess great minds think alike. (Let's leave it at that.)


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