Friday, December 18, 2009

The Fractured ABC's Of Christmas - Q

is for Quirky
She's crazy as loon
Partying with zombies
Under a full moon

Yes, I'm talking about my little bloggin' buddy and zombie lovin', Quirkyloon. For those of you that don't currently follow Quirky, you are really missing out on the hilarity she posts each and everyday. So, today I thought I'd give you a taste (nom, nom, nom) by re-posting from the Quirky archives. Please be sure to click over and give Quirkyloon a big "Howdy" and a "Follow".


Why I should stop blogging.

10. I've stopped cooking dinners, because I'd rather be checking for the twentieth time if anybody has commented on my latest blog post.

9. I don't answer phone calls from friends because they are interrupting my quantity online time.

8. I've canceled doctors appointments because I had blogger's block and had to stay home until I could come up with something to write.

7. Because of non responsiveness on my part, my sons have stopped calling me, "Mom," they now address me as "Quirkyloon."

6. My eyes have that constant glazed over look from over-exposure to the computer monitor light.

5. I'm starting to panic that I'm not Stumble worthy.

4.I haven't bathed before 2:00pm each day since May 2008 (the birth date of this blog).

3. I walk around with my fingers in the "ready to type" configuration (asdf jkl;) with fingers slightly curved.

2. I've started developing urinary tract infections from not relieving my bladder regularly, because I have to hold it in to read just one more blog.

1. Blogger spread: the physical effect of the butt and hips expanding due to excessive hours sitting in the chair spent blogging.

As stated before these are the reasons I should stop blogging, but I won't. Why?

I can't sleep, I can't eat
There's no doubt, I'm in deep
My throat is tight, I can't breathe
Another blog is all I need
Whoa, I'd like to think that I'm immune to the blog,
Oh yeah
Its closer to the truth to say I can't get enough,
You know I'm gonna have to face it
I'm addicted to blog.

(Robert Palmer, "Addicted to Love," edited by Quirkyloon)

Who said all addictions are a bad thing? Certainly, not me!


  1. That's our Quirks. She gives so much of herself each day. She knows how impressed I am by her large, largesse.

    I'm gonna have to face it
    I'm addicted to Quirks.

  2. We all panic that we're not Stumbleworthy, Quirky.

    That's why God invented pseudonyms and fake email accounts.


  3. You and me both girl! Purely addicted.

    btw, why does my family insist on eating again today? It's not like I didn't feed them yesterday....or did I?

    Yeah I'm coming !!!! Sheeh! give me a break here, trying to type.

  4. Hello, my name is Buggys and I'm an addict! Girl, we're scheduling Tuesday night BAA meetings, donuts and coffee! Bring your laptop.

    Blog Addicts Anonymous

  5. You can't skip a doctor's appointment due to blogger's block! You go to the doctor and then blog about the experience!

    C'mon, Me-Me, you know that.

  6. @Nomie You just can't stop talking about my largeasse, erm, I mean largesse! Ha!

    Thanks so much MeMe! I'm truly honored that you would dig out one of my old posts and post it here!

    You rawk Woman!

    AND... I love the little Q poem! May I keep it?

  7. I love that post and I bloggy love Quirky and her blog addiction!

    Hubby accuses me of making him a blog widower sometimes. Don't worry. I have plenty of comebacks.

  8. I'm amazed but not yet ashamed at the amount of time I've been spending reading a jillion blogs lately. Thank goodness I work at home and don't have a boss giving me the stink eye because I'm not being productive.

  9. Quirky rocks, man! And she's good peeps. Go Quirky!

  10. Damn! I hope she's not institutionalized yet. I like it (blogging), but I am not married to it. More power to you Quirky...

  11. Oh no, how many of those did you have to agree with before you have to say you're addicted :)

  12. LOL - I am an addict too, according to your list - good grief it really does take over your life! This was a great - and funny - look at blogging. I'll take it this is my Xmas gift from you, haha! THANK you! It's precious and just what I needed too!

  13. Stumbleworthy? What is this Stumble of which you speak? ;)


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