Saturday, January 23, 2010

Caption This! No. 28 Winner!

To borrow a phrase from Frank Zappa, good googly moogly! This week's photo for Caption This! brought in over 40 great captions! Thank you all so much for playing. And a special thank you to all the first-timers who stopped by and gave this little game a shot.

The Impartial Panel of Three has been going back-and-forth over the past few days trying to decide on the winning caption. Honestly, I would not want to be in their shoes. Good googly moogly, did you all take some kind of pill which caused you to be so creative? Wow, great job everyone!

Before we get to the winning caption, The Panel would like for me to recognize the following for their efforts. Those receiving a most-honorable mention are:

moooooog said:
"The Kirstie Alley Fan Club."

Freak Smack
- Haiti's New Earthquake Safety Poster -
"In the case of severe ground Shaking, grab the nearest immovable object and hold on for dear life."

The mad woman behind the blog said:
Oh My Gawd Becky, look at that butt. It is so big.
"I like big butts, and I cannot lie, You other brothers can't deny...."

C: said:
"I can hear the ocean!"

Mike WJ said:
Minutes after recovering his missing wristwatch, Tim posed for a quick photo with Trudy and her proctologist.

To read all the hilarious entries, go here.

We have a winner!

There can be only one winner, folks. This week's winner of Caption This! is no stranger to The Screaming Me-Me. He's the only blogger I know who maintains not one, not two, but three blogs. Everyone, give Dufus a big hand! This is his second win here and, once again, takes home the coveted Golden Phallus for his trophy case. Congratulations!!! If you've never stopped by nonamedufus, you really ought to, especially on Wednesday when he offers his caption contest Pause, Ponder and Pun.

Now, the winning caption.....

"Vice cops Sgt Brown and Lt Kruger display their latest haul -
80 lbs of crack."

For those of you who have not voted yet, please stop by Studio 30 Plus today and vote for The Screaming Me-Me!!! which has been nominated for "Best Blog Design/Layout". Plus, you may find some of your other blogging buddies have been nominated in various other categories as well. C'mon, it will only take a minute of your time to vote here.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Congrats!!! And Hilariously deserved!!!!

  2. Butt, what can I say? Red just isn't that woman's colour - it's her flag! And when they told her to turn the other cheek, she said, "Can you give me 5 minutes?". Thanks for the award Me-Me. Now people will say, "Hey, there goes the guy with two phalluses." Cool, thanks!

  3. Great caption, I do think those cops are lying about the amount of crack they confiscated, they may be crooked... just sayin'

  4. Way to go John. That caption was seriously funny! The image of her 80# crack was truly a lovely putrid one.

  5. Whistles and cheers! That is funny stuff.

  6. Great captions as usual! Congrats Dufus!

  7. Congrats! I wish I thought of that :)

  8. Loved all those captions!! Great job Dufus!

  9. Congratulations! That was hilarious.

  10. lol. thanks for dropping by via otin. that caption is hillarious!

  11. Way to go Dufus! You are a caption God!

  12. That is a sweet caption. I wonder what's in that "crack" that was being captioned. Could it be a BiG MaC? Congrats!

  13. Congrats! That was hilarious....

  14. Congrats to Dufus, he's just too funny. Lots of good ones there though, had to be tough picking

  15. Hilarious! Congratulations to the winner.


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