Monday, February 8, 2010

Caption This! No. 30 Winner!

Hola amigos! I needed a break so I took a little trip down Mexico way for the weekend. All went well until I hit the freeway closing last night just south of Phoenix which put us almost 2 hours behind schedule. I'm still not to clear with what happened except it had something to do with smuggling illegal aliens and a shoot out. Ay carumba!

On with the show.

This past week's Caption This! brought in 50 clever captions. Thank you all for playing. The Panel has reached their decision and several have received a most-honorable mention.

Ann said:
"Just to give you all a heads up, don't stick your neck out for this guy."

Dave "Loose Cannon" Willis
"Mogabe, the devout witch doctor, was gradually making progress with his aspirations to be higher and closer to the gods."

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said:
"They say in our African tribe that our penises are in direct proportion to the length and width of our necks."

"Step right up, step right up! Don't be shy folks, everyone's a winner! Just toss the ring around my neck & win your lady a a prize! Only $5 for 3 throws. Look at how many have already won!"

pcd2k said"
"I've been photo-shopped!"

Now, the winner!

Our winner this week is new to Caption This! Give a big round of applause to Skye over at Weekly Injection of Chuckles because she takes home The Golden Phallus to add to her trophy case. Congratulations, Skye, you are one clever captioner! Be sure to pop over to visit her blog today and welcome her to the neighborhood as well.

"Hmmm, feathers like a bird, neck like a giraffe,
tusks like an elephant, now what am I missing?
Oh yeah, hung like a horse!"


  1. Now that was funny! I loved that one!

  2. Mexico? Did you drink the water and have the Hershey Squirts? I am very concerned -or something What about that poor man you shot in Reno? Has his ghost visited you yet and told you off for shooting him in the weinerkabitzle?

    Hey, glad you're back. Hope you had fun.

  3. Congrats to Skye! That was definitely mucho funny.

    And one word to Mad Margo: coyote?

    Uh-huh, I thought so!


  4. Thank you so much Me-Me! I will definitely be adding this to my awards wall :)

    Just one thing though, um, I'm not a guy! I know people have made that mistake before, but I thought it best if I cleared that up. The funniest time someone thought I was a guy was when I walked out of the womens washroom at work. Perhaps I should blog about that when I announce that I won The Golden Phallus. Yep, I think I'll do just that :D

  5. @ Skye - I am so sorry for the mistake, I should have read your profile. I have corrected the announcement accordingly. Again, congratulations!!!

  6. Congrats to Skye! That was a great caption.

    So, um, YOU were the one doing the shooting, right?


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Skye wins! Skye wins! Way to go Skye. Great caption.

    And, good to have you back Margo. Don and I thought we could get together and have a Tequila party...if you managed to bring some back with you. I can bring the tacos. And Don? Well, Don can bring Don...

  9. Thanks Me-Me, no worries, I had fun with it. To prove the point, go check out my latest post to see just how much fun I have with such mistakes! :D Thanks again!

  10. Ha!!! This was definitely an awesome caption!


  11. Congrats to Sky, that was a good one.

  12. That was great! Congratulations!!!

  13. That was good Skye!! Congrats:)

  14. I will win one of these one day! lol

  15. Congrats to Skye! Fabulous caption!

  16. Congrats to Skye and everyone else. They were all hilarious...:)

  17. That was my favorite. Congrats Skye!

  18. That was funny!! Congrats Skye!


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