Saturday, April 3, 2010

Caption This! No. 37 Winner!

Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by today. A couple of days ago I mentioned that the best of the best play here. Man, I wasn't kidding...I wish I could give each and everyone of you the coveted prize for your captions this week.

The Panel definitely had a difficult decision this week and, after much deliberation, have finally decided on the winner. But, before we get to that announcement, I have several most-honorable mentions to hand out.

Moooooog35 said...
"Goodness, gracious...great balls of fire."

ReformingGeek said...
"I need some Ice, Ice, Baby."

Don said...
"This is why the phrase "blow me" was invented."

Kelly said...
"Just another day in Lindsay "Firecrotch" Lohan's boudoir."

Erin said...
"Their mothers' warnings about STD's went out the window, along with the condoms. With penises ablaze, the boys realized they'd better stop, drop, and roll. And get some antibiotics."

FreakSmack said...
"What a bunch of flamers!"

mac said...
"This is the normal progression. It starts with poor vision. In advanced cases, chronic masturbators are known to spontaneously combust."

Malisa said...
"Everyone in Arkansas enjoys a good wiener roast!"

We have a wiener...erm, I mean winner!

Today's winner actually submitted two really great captions, but one of them was definitely a cut above the rest. Please give a big round of applause for Tgoette because he's the one taking home The Golden Phallus today. Tgoette's blog, Sophisticated Lunacy, is one man's desperate attempt to create an amusing, entertaining and hopefully thought-provoking haven for fellow weirdos, crackpots, conspiracy theorists, alien abductees and people with a slightly twisted view on life. I'm sure you all fit into one category or another so I urge you all to stop by his place today and "follow" him.

And, now, the winning caption.....

"Trying to make the best out of a bad situation,
Clarence asked his friends if they were up for some smores."

Thank you all again for playing this week and I do hope to see you all again next week for another edition of Caption This!


  1. LOL! Congrats. What a great photo and the captions were hilarious!

  2. How appropriate that the winner gets a golden phallus for this caption. Looks like the 3 guys in the pic already have theirs.

  3. Congratulations! Great captions. It was a flaming success.

  4. That "Smores" caption went in the completely opposite direction.
    AWESOME! And cograts!

  5. Hahaha. Now that was a great caption. Congrats.

  6. Congrats to Tgoette. Funny caption...

  7. HAA!! congratulations! Loved that one and the mentions also!

  8. Hoohaw and guffaw! Hysterical, lol. Lots of good runner up entries, too.

    The Old Silly

  9. Congrats to the winner. What a bunch of hysterical captions you got for this one. I laughed the whole way through them.

  10. Great captions from everyone. I agree with your pick. I'm off to check Tgoette now.


  11. I won? Really? Yay! You like me, you really like me! This is sooo cool!

    Thanks Me-Me and your impartial panel of three! It's such an honor being singled out over so many awesome captions! And thank you all for your kind comments! You rock!

    Well I can't wait to post my phallus on my blog. The golden one this time.

    Thanks again!!!

  12. These were all awesome, and congrats to the winner!

  13. nice. great caption...and they wonder why the smores smelled funny..

  14. Very funny -- and sorry I missed this!


  15. Oh my God, this is the most hilarious one ever! I'm rolling.

  16. I never liked the sticky stuff that Smores left on my fingers....oh, never mind!


  17. Congratulations to tha winner. I'm not sure if I could cook smores over a guy's burning crotch, though. Might leave a bad taste in my mouth. :)

  18. They were all pretty awesome answers!! Congratulations Malisa!


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