Thursday, November 14, 2013

Family Feud: The Voice

It's official, my sister has lost her ever lovin', pea pickin' mind! Yes, I said pea pickin', it's a Southern endearment. Usually, when our loved ones reach this level of crazy is when we give them a cocktail and parade them out onto the front porch for all to see. This is exactly where you will find my sister today, kickin' it on the porch sippin' her mint julep. 

Shortly after this past Tuesday's elimination show of The Voice, my sister, Joy, sent me a text about the show.

Joy: You watch The Voice?

Me: Yes, not tonight though, who was sent home?

Joy:  Josh and Johnny! I was pulling for Josh....even signed up with Twitter so I could send in a "save" vote. I'm now I will pull for Will.
Bless her heart, she even got herself a Twitter account to save her guy.

Me:  Oh, good, my pick is still in the running!

Me:  I want the Jamaican chick to win.

Joy:  What does she look like?

Me:  Tall, Asian-looking, short hair, Adam's team.

Joy:  She was eliminated last time.

Me:  No, she sang last night. She's a back up singer for Jimmy Cliff.

Joy:  Light or dark complexion?

Me:  She is from Jamaica, is tall, short hair, has the best voice on the whole show. She has a light complexion, an Asian mix. Dresses very nice. Adam's team.

Joy:  I'm confused
Lawdy, I'll say.

Joy:  Ok...yeah, I know the one....thick with lighter skin...the only girl left on his team.

Me:  Right, she is a professional singer.

Joy:  Ok....I don't like her. You need to pick someone else.
Wait, what? You want me to do what?

Me:  Nope! My pick is gonna win!!! Not Will the wuss.

Joy:  He is precious and plays instruments! Your woman is unattractive...pick another.
*rolls eyes*

Me:  Wow, I didn't realize you are so superficial.

Joy:  Her face and big legs will not sell albums. The young cute blonde with the different sweet voice will be the one to win.

Me:  Tell that to Aretha Franklin.

Joy:  Motown had only a few to choose from back then.
What are you saying, are you crazy?

Me:  Shut the fuck up!

Joy:  It's a tough market out there now a days.
Now, she's a record promoter, egads.

Me:  Competing with GaGa, Katie Perry and Miley....yeah, real tough.

Joy:  Bwahahahahahaha! U shut the fuck up, chicken butt!

At that point, I had had enough texting back in forth for one night, so we signed off. Whew!

Now, all I am asking you to do is to just take a quick listen to Joy's pick, Will Champlin and then to mine, Tessanne Chin.  You decide, are you Team Joy or Team Me-Me?

Thank you for your cooperation!


  1. I haven't watched yet but I can tell that I hate those white glasses so your pick wins. Superficial much?

    1. Yesssss, that's one for Team Me-Me! Thank you!

  2. So, WIll's video wasn't loading properly for me....had to click on the top dropdown prompt. Judges really like Will and had a lot more to say about his voice and pitch.....gotta go with Will. I'm with your sister, will could sell more albums. Pam

  3. Thanks for weighing in, Pam. You could be right, we will follow this one to the end. Stay tuned!

  4. The guys sucks, the girl rocks (and she is good-looking too!)

  5. Will doesn't suck....he is really good and the girl is not that great or great looking.......Grace :} Pam

    1. The guy has a thin voice - no depth. Sounds like every other whiny guy. The lady rocks - both her music and her looks - sorry you can't appreciate it!

  6. The vids won't upload in Canada but if that girl backed up Jimmy Cliff then I'd say she's well on her way. And the other guy? The bigger they come, the harder they fall one and all.

    1. Bummer that you can't see them, John. Tessanne Chin may have the advantage because of her background singing, but Will Champlin's father is Bill Champlin of the band Chicago. This should be an interesting contest.

  7. Well, whatayaknow.....they are, both, still in the competition! Will and Tessanne have made it another week! I had no ideal that Will was the son of a Chicago band member....all the better! My opinion, sister, is that Will is more musically talented and I like his voice. Btw, are you voting for your pick? You should support her if you really think she deserves to win. I vote for my pick and I am ready to help SAVE my pick through my newly created Twitter account, ha! Now bring me a cocktail!
    Crazy Sister Joy


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