Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wacky Wednesday! New Year Celebration

You know you are drunk when…

You lose arguments with inanimate objects.

You promise the pizza delivery guy $40 to pick up a 12-pack on the way with your delivery.

You can focus much better with one eye closed.

You are drinking directly from the champagne fountain.

You fall off the floor.

Your key doesn’t fit your neighbor’s door – thankfully.

You have to hold onto the lawn to keep from falling off the earth.

You’re still dancing long after the band stopped playing.

You’ve stopped putting paper on the nasty toilet seat.

You make out with your friend’s mom.

Now, for some interactive fun, add to the list in “comments” below!
You know you are drunk when __________.

Be safe and have a happy New Year!!!


  1. Post Wacky Wednesday on Tuesday. happy new year.
    enjoy pjc
    love your resolutions

  2. You know you're drunk when you're calling all the numbers in your cell phone at 4 in the morning.

    You know you're drunk when you hear yourself say "You! are definitely my type!"

    and something impossible to say while drunk... "You're right, I can't jump over that table"

  3. ... when pissing on an electric fence doesn't seem to bother you...

    ... when you enjoy eating yellow snow...

    PS. Great new layout.
    PS2. Happy bloggy 2009!

  4. ... when you begin to think your friend's 20 year old son is making a move on you....

    happy new year

  5. You know you're drunk when a tricky new blog layout causes you to curl up into the foetal position... :p

  6. You know you're drunk when you don't even know you're drunk. :)

  7. I'm dever nrunk, I can table anybody under the drink! Have a happy New Beer!

  8. You know you're drunk when you hear the words, "Aw, he wasn't so bad!" come out of your mouth during a conversation about George W. Bush.

    yep... that's plastered.

  9. I think Midwest Mom nailed it.

    All I know is that my wife thinks it's funny when the baby throws up on me. But when it's the other way around, she gets all upset and accuses me of being drunk.

  10. start ringing in the new year two hours early. actually thing you sound good "singing" along with screamo. think the funky chicken or the hokey pokey is the most awesome thing on the face of the planet. can't remember where your clothes went.

  11. You know that you are drunk when your host tops up the glasses of the other guests, but fails to observe that your glass is empty even when it is placed directly in front of her.
    On second thoughts, if you are still conscious of what is happening at that point, you know you need another drink.

  12. ...out of desperation you whip up (and eat) a little something in the kitchen that you wouldn't touch otherwise.

    Wow! Looks great've been busy! Have enjoyed your blog MMMargo. Thanks for being a good blog friend and have a happy New Year! :o)

  13. You know you were drunk when you wake up the next morning and smack yourself on the forehead after looking at your post-drunken phone calls and incoherent text messages in the Sent Folder.

    p.s. love the new layout !

  14. ... you go to bed with your husband - AND - his twin (who you didn't know he had).

  15. You know you're drunk when you don't mind that your fat roll/cellulite/flabby thighs show when you dance!

    Happy New year!

  16. Happy New Year!

  17. I know my friend is drunk when she calls me while on holiday in New Zealand and it is New Year's Eve and she tells me off for skimming through two volumes of the 'Twilight' series because I was too impatient to find out what happens to read them properly...

  18. We always new my dad was drunk when he was willing to prove he wasn't by doing some test, any test.

  19. Oh horror, now I will be wondering about all the times I didn't put paper down on the seat!

  20. You stumble from the kitchen drinking cranberry flavored vodka straight from the bottle attempting to dance while no music is playing.

  21. ...the dog tells you you are.

  22. you stand on a table and announce to every one " I am so drunk"

  23. eat out of your cat's food bowl till it empty then meow for more of that mushy, pastey "horsemeat surprise" from a can. light your nipples on fire and feel no pain. run out of liquor and begin drinking kerosene can't taste your mouth even though, according to your significant other (when kissing you after the ball drops), it tastes like "horsemeat surprise".


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