Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ode To Mom, The Video

Happy Mother's Day 2009

This video is a Mother's Day tribute dedicated to those special mother-daughter relationships. It's not what you'd exactly call least, not in my mother's household, but what did you expect from me today.....hearts and flowers? 


  1. I love it. Happy Mother's Day :) lol

  2. hat was funny! You are next for the HBDC story

    have fun!

  3. lol......what a great little vid displaying the variety of ways to celebrate mothering and social inclusion.
    Happy mother's day from Australia.

  4. Hope your day was great! For some reason today the video was not available?

  5. Glad I came back to try again - what a video! WHERE do you find these things???

  6. THIS is CLASSIC. Thanks so much. I died laughing. I'm afraid my mother was not effectively represented int his video. The FBI would have had to have appeared because she called them to report me.


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