Monday, March 23, 2009

Big News, Really BIG News!

I'm so excited, I just couldn't wait to share the news! Please read below - 


  1. Don't let fame go to your head, and forget all about us little people!

  2. Awesome.. now that you're rich.. can I have a bail-out!

    This was fun.. I might do this as well.

  3. you ARE an idjit! LOL! :-)

    luvitt, keep'em coming, luv . . .



  4. Ha! I read this before I had my coffee this morning. You had me fooled for a second.

  5. Hey, you're famous! I am very excited about this...LOL!! :)

    I was momentarily confused, and plan to blame a lack of caffeine.

  6. (Lidian - you and me both - not enough caffeine, haha!) Hey girl, too funny! I want a job working with you, you creative fire-cracker!

  7. OMG, Me-Me. Congrats on the newfound fame and fortune. I'm telling all of my friends that I knew you way back when you were selling lemonade on the street. Just a few weeks ago. They were quite impressed.

    By the way, can I borrow ten grand? I'm running low on pinto beans.

  8. Ha ha for a second I was thinking, damn Me Me is gonna be a star!!!!!! You're already a star in my book but you know what I'm saying :-D

  9. @ Walt - Oh, never! Always be nice to everyone on the way up because you're bond to run into them on the way back down.

    @ dizzblnd - Sure, please provide your name, address, email, birthdate, social security number, banking account number and your password. LOL, can't wait to see your news clipping.

    @ bARED-eYED-sUN - LOL, I haven't heard "idjit" in years. Where I'm from that's a term of endearment...thanks!

    @ John J Savo - After reading it a couple of times last night even I was convinced.

    @ Lidian - Well, we all get our 15 minutes one way or the other - even if we have to fabricate it!

    @ SuZen - You're hired!!! Maybe you could be one of the bloggers on "Big Blogger" - there'll be a grand house, competitive games and plenty of time for blogging.

    @ Kelly - Yes, my Kool-Aid stand has been getting me through these trying economic times. Instead of the 10K you've requested, I pass my sidewalk venture on to you - best of luck!

    @ Jerry Adams - I believe once you put an idea our into the universe you stand a greater chance of having it become a reality. Thanks, Jerry!

    @ Chaotically Calm - Don't tell anyone, but I always wanted to be a rock star. This will probably be the closest I ever come. Thanks for being a true fan.

  10. Whoo hoo !!!! but can I get some of your extra monies , need to feed the kids pop tarts..

  11. Whoo hoo!!! Congrats! If you can do it, there is hope for us all.

  12. @ dani c - Sure you can! If it's Pop Tarts you want, Pop Tarts you'll get. Please pick up some chocolate/chocolate icing one just in case I stop by.

    @ MyUnDiary - If only it were true...(sighs).

  13. Lovin it..people say too me.. where do you find these have too much time on your hands..U ever get


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